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Awakening denotes the up-leveling of awareness of either the Mind or Heart. It is the ability to perceive more than before, often with the recognition that “things are not as they seem.”

Awakening is a fundamental step in the spiritual development of the human condition, ignited by either the Soul or the Divine. Nothing at a human or material level can prevent it.

The Mind

The Mind is first to awaken for many people

Too many people get stuck at the mental-intellectual level of awakening, getting lost in things like conspiracy theories and force-feeding people information. Mental awakening is a part of Awakening, but hardly the whole story.

See Christos-Sophia. Christos is the exalted, true Mind essence which is capable of much more than merely "knowing" things. A True Mind is able to navigate energy, discern Truth, call out lies, set boundaries, and enforce boundaries to safeguard the innocence of others — all without "knowing" a single thing. The True Mind is in service to the Heart, not to external information.

The Heart

A rarely-discussed aspect of Awakening is that the human heart must also up-level into a purer heart state. Being a 'sensitive empath' or regularly overcome by emotions — or inversely, being narcissistic and shutting down the heart — is its own form of 'being asleep.'

An awakened Mind that lacks an awakened Heart risks devolving into New Age Narcissism.

See Christos-Sophia. Sophia is the exalted, true Heart essence. Sophia essence does not dabble in, encourage, or tolerate New Age distortions. New Agism has devolved the Heart into a wishy-washy form of false unity that loves everything it comes across, including Evil (whose existence it disavows) and isn't allowed to feel "bad" (even though bad feelings/emotions are the indicator of something being anti-Divine or out of Divine alignment).


This infamous year did play a pivotal role in the Awakening & Ascension of Earth.

The notion that everyone was supposed to "ascend all at once" was a hallmark New Age Luciferian False Light trap, designed to disappoint and discourage people.

The notion that "nothing happened" in 2012 is mainstream, secular, Western Civilization-style ignorance and denial.

2012 marked the beginning of awakening for many people, including myself. This is when, at a more collective level, the Mind began to seeing 'over the walls' that had been systematically built by the Matrix. (Though many, many people had awakened before this point, serving as wayshowers and forerunners in this process.)

Notice: before 2012, life on Earth was fairly "normal." After 2012 is when societal structure really began devolving, by being engineered into extremes by Evil. 2012 is one marker where Bifurcation began to pick up in earnest. (Another marker was 12 January 2020.)


Although Awakening can involve great levels of displeasure and disturbance as the Mind begins to realize just how dastardly life on Earth has become, mental-emotional Awakening is the 'easy part' of this process.

Ascension is where things get real. Ascension involves physical, corporeal, visceral changes to the body and to one's existence. Awakening without Ascension gets people stuck in the realms False Light and New Age Narcissism, because a merely-awakened Mind or Heart cannot perceive what a Christic Mind and Sophianic Heart can see through.

New Age Warning

There is an abundance of New Age techniques, tactics, diversions, and distractions around Awakening & Ascension. One must be on-guard when diving into this topic.

The New Age thrives on people whose minds have woken up to the world, but haven't woken up to the "New World" engineered to trap them as they leave the old one.