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Christos and Sophia are the True Pure Divine Masculine Essence and the True Pure Divine Feminine Essence, respectively.

The adjective of Christos is Christic or Christiac, and the adjective to Sophia is Sophianic. Together they are known as Christos-Sophia, Christo-Sophia, or ChristoSophia.

They are Living Essences in that they are not conceptual or mental, but rather can be felt, interacted with, and embodied. They are the 'First Children of God,' with God being comprised of the Holy Mother & Holy Father individually and in-union. The Godhood (Godhead) are the Holy Parents, while Christos-Sophia are the Holy Children/Offspring. Something that remains severely under-acknowledged is that Christos and Sophia are our Divine Brother & Sister. We are of the same Divine Family — unless we reject them and pursue false, synthetic, inverted realms, as happens with Luciferian Anti-Consciousness.

Together, Christos-Sophia are what the word 'Christ' was supposed to mean. Christ has a Feminine component equal in importance and integrity to the Masculine component — exposing as a major red flag the Bible's dismissiveness of Femininity (tucking it away into the abstract Holy Spirit) and overall perspective of women as whores and the cause of the fall of Man, the latter of which is fundamentally invalid. (The Fall of Man has its roots in anti-Christos forces deceiving both the unadulerated Feminine and Masculine, regardless who succumbed to the false influences first.) True Masculinity does neither abhors the Feminine nor judges Her when she falls (especially when it's due to the lack of His protection), but reveres Her and serves in honor of Her and her Divinity, and rejects the toxic/inverted/distorted False Feminine. Likewise, the True Feminine inspires Him, never ridiculing any weakness but rather holding space when He cannot perform.

The Christos-Sophia breed of Masculinity & Femininity are divine and pure in the truest, absolute meaning of the words; free from adulteration, inversion, distortion, corruption, and narcissism. We are able to heal our own mundane/wounded/toxified/toxic masculinity and femininity by consulting and comparing to these Living Essences, and witnessing where our inclinations and behaviors contrast. Wounds can be soothed by their presence, and our mundane human-conditioned essence can be re-coded and replaced with this Divine Essence.

The Sacred Union (Hieros Gamos) of Christos-Sophia is perhaps the ultimate spiritual goal in any plane of duality and division. The union of our individual essences (which were not intended to be so distinctly individuated) enables us to be truly strong and resilient in a spiritual sense, for it is being-within the way the Divine-beyond is — Sacred Union is what brings the Divine-beyond within, for the Divine is in-union and at-harmony with itself. (Contrast with Enlightenment, which coerces the mundane non-Christic masculine to transcend the physical world, where the Sophia/Feminine Essence remains in the Heart and Body, further splitting the Christos-Sophia architecture and making one liable to interference and influence.)

The life of Yeshua (Jesus) is an exemplum advising the embodiment of Christos-Sophia for each person alive on Earth. Yeshua (along with other Grail Kings & Queens) was the living example of such embodiment, not a holier-than-thou lord to be worshipped. His notion of "I am the way" was to say that "strive to live as I do, and you will end up where I came from." Just as Christos and Sophia are our Divine Brother and Sister, Yeshua and related embodiment figures are brothers and sister to us as well. That is how they see themselves — neither better than us nor us worse than them — for that is how Christos-Sophia knows itself to be in relation to us: equal and related by birthright.

See Table of Consciousness for context on how Christos-Sophia fits in — and edges out — mainstream socially-acceptable consciousness, and inverted anti-consciousness AKA Evil.

Love & Truth

Sophia stands for Love. Christos stands for Truth.

The common New Age maxim "Love & Light" is an inverted distortion of Christos-Sophianic Love & Truth.

This "Light" stands for Lucifer AKA False Light AKA the False Light Bringer. Christic Truth is also luminous/light-based, but the word Light is used intentionally out of evasion from Christic True Light, which actively debunks and annihilates the false imposter light.

The "Love" in Love & Light is rarely true Sophianic Love, for true Love does not tolerate False/Synthetic/Corrosive Masculinity (except when tricked and gaslit into doing so). This false/synthetic/corrosive femininity could be considered Lilith; or even Luna, denoting the literally false light of the Moon when it captures and reflects true Solar Light for its own pursuits and gains.

So "Love & Light" essentially stands for Lilith & Lucifer or Luna & Lucifer, having nothing to do with wholesome True Consciousness.

This is why New Age Love & Lightism regularly tolerates spiritual deceptions and manipulations: it is fundamentally comprised of them.

Meanwhile, love or light which rejects or is otherwise unwilling/incapable in witnessing and calling out how these inversions and deceptions harm us cannot be considered either Love nor Light nor Truth. True Light is able to perceive False Light, just like sunlight outshines lightbulbs. False Light cannot perceive True Light except to be frightened of it and antagonistic toward it. This aggressive attitude on False Light's part against True Light is the concept of Christophobia.


Christophobia is the irrational dismissal, resistance, or rejection of True Consciousness in any form or defense thereof, ranging from cool and smug Luciferian Narcissism, to rabid emotional tantrums, to outright murder and genocidal extermination (IE crucifixion, Crusades, Holocaust).

In a practical sense, this is the fear, rejection, or attack of a person when they speak up for themselves in authentic manner, including speaking the Truth and calling out anti-conscious behavior, ideologies, and agendas.

Christophobia permeates Western Civilization and can operate in an Agent Smith-like manner, acting through nearly any person. Since Christophobia is an innate component in the Luciferian Agenda and thus present in un-self-actualized Masculine Essence (an un-developed Mind) which lacks Christic integrity, nearly anyone can become a Luciferian tool in attacking a person who dares to speak in a sovereign and authentic manner. This is why it's not necessary to encounter a literally-Evil Entity to be attacked by Evil: the essence of Evil has saturated society and acts through people who remain unaware and don't do inner work to resolve themselves of negative influences.

This fear and behavior has countless causes, attributes, and manifestations in the 3D-5D realms and possibly beyond.

Moral Relativism

An essential, if diluted, understanding of Moral Relativism is that "how you think/feel/be/behave/believe" and "how I think/feel/be/behave/believe" are both irreproachably correct, even if both positions be mutually exclusive, or even if one or both positions be exclusive to True Divine Consciousness.

What Christophobic and Christos-lacking people ignore is that Truth can be undeniably known just as Love can be undeniably felt, especially when such Truth concerns the overarching integrity, mechanics, and architecture of True Divine Creator Consciousness & Creation, rather than mere factoids and data whose accuracy can sway with collective and personal tides of opinion and perception.

Although Individuated Consciousness has unique individual experiences, and therefore something 'he knows' may not ever be something 'she knows', the Mechanics of Consciousness are universal, accessible, and applicable to all. Truth at this level can be Absolutely Known if one is dedicated to knowing it (experientially, not intellectually or conceptually).

Any wrongs committed when seeking, interpreting, or relaying this Truth are human error, not Divine error. Human error can always be course-corrected to Divine Truth, because Divine Truth is Eternally and Absolutely True, and thus consultable for course-correcting. Divine Truth is not "my truth" or "your truth" or "his truth" or "her truth" or "their truth" or "our truth," but The Truth which concerns us all, whether we like it or not.

Unfortunately, due to Luciferian False Light abuse, many people have masculine-imprinted wounds which compel them to subconsciously and reactively fear and resist masculine energetics, whether authentic, synthetic, or inverted.

New Ageism conveniently accommodates this suffering (without ever resolving it) by asserting that "the truth is subjective" and that a person (their Ego) is too sovereignly special to be touched, corrected, or contradicted. New Ageism puts forth fraudulent paradoxes, such as one person can know This and one person can know That, but when they are mutually exclusive, somehow they're both still Valid. This "validity" is one of two personal realities co-existing, not of the Truth Architecture which these realities co-exist in. See Reality for greater context on the nature of "personal truth."

These conundrums are not the case with Truth with a capital T. Although the sense of "right and wrong" can be fairly personal (he is not obligated to like something she likes) or randomly relativistic due to how manipulated, distorted, and inverted Consciousness has become in this realm, at a Divine level there is absolutely-objective "spiritual right and wrong" in the sense of Spiritual Correctness and Spiritual Incorrectness. There are energetics, metaphysics, distortions, and inversions which are absolutely and undeniably Incorrect or Correct, and fearing or refusing to heed this risks a person succumbing to relativistic, anti-conscious energetics that give rise to very real self-validating experiences which ultimately don't add up productively or syntropically in the grand scheme of True Consciousness and Creation, but rather siphon from Consciousness and may further perpetrate the distortion of Consciousness.

Cause of Christophobia and Christos-Corruption

The primary cause in this Universe may have been the attack on the Cosmic Logos which incited it to retreat/invert, leaving consciousness exposed to infiltrating inverted forces. (TBD. I am still seeking understanding on this anomaly.)

One cause of Christophobia at a human level is that when we are wounded, we hide that aspect of us from being seen, because being seen is what allowed the wounding to occur; often times, a 'soul fragment' will split off and actually become unseen to us ourselves, with us only noticing the consequences of its absence.

But naturally, Truth/Light (even False Light) can see these wounded shadows and frightens them. Due to False Light (and the genuine fear/abuse of Luciferian Narcissism which resides in it), our wounded aspects do not expect to be met with Love upon being seen again. After all, it was being seen in the first place, with a lack of Love and often with an intent to harm, which led to the wound. The whole architecture of dense third-dimensional wounding is founded on aspects of our consciousness not expecting to be met with external Love for having already experienced a lack of external Love. Since False Light is the mimicry of Christic Light and masquerades as it, it is understandable that wounded parts of ourselves will resist being seen by the Light, not knowing "which Light" it is or even thinking Light itself to be dangerous — perceiving men themselves or masculinity itself as dangerous even when they're not.

Meanwhile, behind True Christic Masculinity/Light always resides True Love. True Masculinity's innate trueness is in that it serves the Feminine where Love resides. To serve something else makes it an un-true masculine.

Helping people feel safe to come back into True Light, by behaving in a True manner and offering/emphasizing it without forcing or imposing it, leads to the healing and eradication of Christophobia. Some of Luciferian Evil's greatest harm is in making us fear/reject/mock Actual Light.


Narcissism is nothing but Christophobic. Primary Narcissism (Evil) hates Christos Light and seeks its destruction. Secondary Narcissism buts up against Christic things like boundaries with resistance. Tertiary Narcissism often cannot perceive the integrity of light/masculinity and blanket-fears it.

See Narcissism for full context.

Anecdote on Christophobia

I was organically led to coin this term to grant structure and understanding to my own suffering at the hands of others, upon realizing how frequently and severely my own capacity to see Love & Truth has been dismissed, mocked, ridiculed, rejected, countermanded, and gaslit — to the point where I belittled myself, mistook my own Masculinity as invalid or toxic, and was constantly ruminative and resentful for never expressing my authentic masculinity, including boundaries and perspectives. Eventually I cocooned in on myself and developed Tertiary Narcissism, due to the confusing pain of others' Secondary and Tertiary Narcissism inflicted upon me (rarely does anyone encounter Primary Narcissism).

I have experienced very little homophobia in my life but have experienced Christophobia in nearly every relationship, except with those who are devoted to Christo-Sophianic integrity either consciously or unconsciously/naturally.

All of my work and words stand as the greatest rebuttal to this toxic treatment. Although I am very lenient with sincere questions, curiosity, and skepticism, I absolutely do not tolerate either Christophobia or Homophobia and have profound boundaries against False Light in any form. What exists cannot be rejected or convinced against, only understood. Super ironically, Homophobia is often perpetrated by people who don't realize they're operating from Anti-Christic energetics, and gay people and genuinely-persecuted Christians find themselves in the same boat of being ridiculed and rejected by the mimicry/fear/hatred of Christos held by another person or force.

When it comes to Christos, we ought not only to strive to understand Christos, but to embody His essence, lest someday our Christos-less existence be rejected by the mere, objective mechanics of Consciousness and Divine Order (as is occurring with Inscension and the Trifurcation of Timelines. Of course, I expect our Soul will prevail, but our incarnations and creations absolutely will not unless alchemized. It is not possible to eternally hold onto a state of being or creation which is antithetical to the Eternal. Something's gotta give, and Anti-Christos will be what gives.

As of 2021 we are in the juncture of Anti-Christos giving way to Christos, with the trifurcation of timelines widening and accelerating. Currently, some masculine structures will seek to become ever-more Luciferian in nature, at the expense of Sophia. Discernment is required because we are not currently ascending out of darkness and into light, but out of dark-AND-light distortions into True Consciousness — the exposure of Darkness does not mean we are in the clear. But ultimately, every creation and structure which lacks Christos will fall and crumble or be removed from the reality of True Consciousness. This is why overall we are seeing governmental structures and societal institutions collapse and be reformed: all structures are masculine, but these structures lack Christos and are untenable to Sophia.

Virtuous Anger