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See Evil and Trifurcation of Timelines for context.

Debunking False Light Attitudes

"Earth is a school."

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And since Souls don't die, everything makes us stronger and expand bigger.

This does not excuse Evil or its consequences: violence, crime, pain, trauma, etc. The fact that we grow strong from these things does not excuse Evil. We grow strong because we are Eternal beings and can outlast such suffering. But Evil incites such suffering because it has forsaken its Eternality and lives off our suffering. This is not excusable.

Divine Innocence and the sanctity thereof is our birthright. Refer to the Matrix.

A Divine School — which Actual Creation could be considered — does not induce harm, rigidity, suffering, or violence as "a way of teaching." The notion of "learning from hardship" (whether being raped, tortured, and killed in a past life, or succumbing to the 9-to-5 programming of Western Capitalism) derives from the manipulative controlling tactics of Luciferian Evil. Refer to the Cube.

"Darkness helps us expand and grow."

Experience is how we grow. Negative polarity is not necessary for growth. Positive and wholesome polarity enables growth as well.

It's true that polarity is often a false dichotomy where what's "good or bad" is relative, so we do experience positive and negative polarity.

But extremist-negative polarity — such as anti-feminine Satanic abuse or anti-masculine (anti-Christos) manipulation — is not necessary for growth. Being tricked and deceived by a psychotic narcissist is not "a growth experience," it is Evil which we simply happen to grow from — if we are lucky. Many people do not grow from these situations but instead get more and more pulverized into suffering, in violation of their Divine Innocence.

The nail in this coffin is that polarity itself is not necessary for growth; at least not split, ping-ponging polarity as we find on Earth. All experiences induce growth, wisdom, and expansion — including unified, Christos-Sophianic experiences. This notion that we "need darkness" to grow is a false perspective which normalizes the anti-spiritual splitting of our natural consciousness and essences. (See Christos-Sophia.) The Law of Polarity assumes a spectrum of polarity, with bias toward one side of polarity or the other, which ebbs and flows across the whole spectrum, but without ever splitting into one pole or the other. To split the poles and reside on one pole or another is indicative of trauma and the mechanizations of Evil. See Polarity.

Luciferian False Light's greatest ploy is tricking people to believe they can escape from negative polarity by adopting positive polarity — such as escaping the 3D Earth Matrix overrun by Satanic Darkness by running into the arms of the False 5D Ascension Matrix, which is overrun with Luciferian Lightness.[1]

Polarity is polarity: opposites are the same as each other. So experiencing an extremist-negative experience or an extremist-positive experience is identical: extremely polarized and distorted. False Light labels this trap "Light To Dark."

“Evil doesn’t exist.”

This is a New Age-endorsed coping mechanism of denial, to cope with the severity of violation against Divine Human Innocence by pretending the violation doesn’t exist and is in fact “part of the plan” (see “Earth is a school”).

It's understandable that people who are awakening to darkness in their lives are attracted to the New Age's attitude of Self-Responsibility as a means to change oneself from the inside out and "no longer attract" the darkness they formally suffered. A great deal of empowerment can come from taking up responsibility and happening to life instead of letting life happen to oneself.

But New Age False Light has hijacked this and distorted Self-Responsibility into Self-Accusation.

Evil exists. To overcome it requires acknowledging it. See Evil and Truth.

See Trifurcation of Timelines to gain a fuller context of how Evil has manifested in everyday life.

Metaphysical Atheism

Religion has done its job well of turning people away from God and Divinity, as people continue to perceive, feel through, and wake up from the anti-divine, anti-spiritual distortions implemented in religion by design.

Likewise by design, New Ageism has been set up to capture these people as they turn away from religion but are still looking for "something." These something's show up variously as Reiki, Lunar influence/worship, paganism*, witchcraft*, channeled alien messages, psychological mapping systems like tropical astrology and Human Design*, or the general exploitation of the quantum field without reverence for where that field derives.

Meanwhile, also by design, science has been set up to capture the purely-atheistic people who disavow metaphysics. Evil has all its bases covered.

It's fine for a person to be wherever they are on their spiritual journey and rediscovery of divinity (I went through atheistic and agnostic phases, for example), but to assert certain Godless, inverted, distorted systems or attitudes as "The Way" is a red flag. Our journeys (or our own inner distortions and polarities) may take us through these realms, but if we seek the Truth, we'll always be guided out of them. These realms are only sustainable insofar a person seeks less than the Truth, as each inversion or distortion enables some sort of personal gain or self-service and is intrinsically entropic.

People caught up in Metaphysical Atheism sometimes pay lip service to "Universe" or "Source," but Actual Creator God is rarely the intended recipient of such lip service, as being full-heartedly engaged in these False Light systems is anti-Divine, that is: not endorsed by Divinity and something the Divine does not answer to.


Some of these manifestations can be somewhat innocent. As personal example, I do not feel spiritually threatened when in the presence of paganism (in fact I gained greater appreciation for Earth), witchcraft (a self-contained conceptualization of the real magic that's possible when interfacing with the quantum field — as long as it doesn't involve actual Satanic witchcraft), or Human Design, which I regularly consult (in spite of its serious False Light quirks, such as being founded on anti-astronomical tropical sidereal astrology and the inverted 10 Kaballah).

However, I keep my field very guarded, and regularly do not open up to certain energetics even if I am in their physical presence. So I feel secure in hazy spiritual territory.

The bigger issue with some of these things is when they overtly and adamantly pursue False Light inversions, such as Reiki pulling energy from the universe (a universe that's already heavily distorted and rampant with inversions) rather than bringing in the Divine or activating our innate healing capacity, or people worshipping the Moon which is nothing but an inorganic imposition upon the solar system. But as long as overtly destructive attitudes and energetic are not present, there can be a lot to learn from and work with in these devolved systems that remains functional and helpful to a certain level.

As one cultivates and engenders True Spirituality, it enables a person to observe or touch upon inverted, distorted, untrue things — and perceive, reject, and sideline the untruth in them — without succumbing to the untruth itself.


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