God the Divine

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'God the Divine' is described as such to intentionally distinguish against all imposters and inferior idols, such as "gods and goddesses" (who are merely higher-dimensional beings like the Hyperboreans and Olympians).

Alternative names/words which I use to refer to the Actual God:

  • Consciousness, True Consciousness, True Divine Consciousness (TDC)
  • God, God the Divine, Actual God, the True Living God
  • the Source Field Consciousness
  • the Eternal, Eternal Consciosuness
  • the All
  • the Creator
    • Creation: All That Which Created by God the Creator: universes, dimensions, Nature, laws and mechanics of Nature, matter, solar systems, planets, plants, etc
    • Created Beings: me, you, animals, aliens, gods and goddesses, any other sentient self-aware and self-actualizing being
  • the Divine
  • the Godhood, the Godhead
  • the Parents
    • the Holy Mother, the Divine Mother, the Queen
    • the Holy Father, the Divine Father, the King

The diversity of 'names'/words for God owe to a couple reasons.

The first is that God is Eternally Boundless, so in a manner of speaking, every word, whether mundane or holy, means God or an aspect of God's Creation. Every word of the dictionary might as well mean 'God.'

But another reason is that God, Creator of All, Seer of Evil, First and Only in Name has been highly mis-interpreted, distorted, inverted, abused, and taken in vain by Created Beings who've been negatively influenced by Created Beings who made commitments against the Creator (Evil Entities) or otherwise lost their Inner Divine Awareness and have to find it again at some point. For this reason, five people can say the word 'God,' and yet none of them could be meaning / referring to Actual God. Sometimes people refer to their personal belief systems. Sometimes people refer to higher-dimensional beings usurping the place of God. Sometimes people refer to their Ego, as with New Age and New Age Narcissism. (I personally do not use the lone word 'Source' except in occasional contexts, because New Agers have perverted this concept to be an energy which sources/serves them, not the Source Creator who Created them and to which they remain beholden with accountability and responsibility.) And sometimes, imposter entities and forces dare to don the word God as if it's a title they've earned, such as with Yahweh of the Bible, or any other higher-dimensional being who fancies themselves the controller and destroyer of universes and life.