God the Divine

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'God the Divine' is described as such to intentionally distinguish against all imposters and inferior idols, such as "gods and goddesses" (who are merely higher-dimensional beings like the Hyperboreans and Olympians).

Alternative names/words/descriptions which I use to refer to the Actual God:

  • Consciousness, True Consciousness, True Divine Consciousness (TDC)
  • Source Field Consciousness
  • God, God the Divine, Actual God, the True Living God
  • the Eternal, Eternal Consciousness
  • the All
  • the Creator
    • Creation: All That Which Was Created by God the Creator: universes, dimensions, Nature, laws and mechanics of Nature, matter, solar systems, planets, plants, etc
      • the Created, Created Beings: me, you, animals, aliens, gods and goddesses, any other sentient self-aware and self-actualizing being; Evil Entities are fallen in that they no longer source their life force from God; AI is intrinsically a non-Created Being and cannot 'actualize'
  • the Divine
  • the Godhead Godhead (technically the word Godhood)
  • the Parents:
    • the Holy Mother, the Divine Mother, the Mother Arc, the Queen, the Holy Spirit
    • the Holy Father, the Divine Father, the Father Arc, the King
  • the Divine Children, the Divine Offspring, the Divine Siblings:

Lost Words

These words I personally consider 'lost', as in rarely referring to actual God.

  • God, among certain circles and ideologies
  • Source
  • the Quantum Field