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AKA Ascension.


Compare with Awakening.

New Age Warning

There is an abundance of New Age techniques, tactics, diversions, and distractions around Awakening & Ascension. One must be on-guard when diving into this topic.

For example, one does not need to "do" certain rituals or techniques or "buy into" certain programs or activations to ascend.

Inscension is an innate, organic, divine birthright of existence. No one can take it away from a person, and no one can grant it. A person must heed their own inscension process, which occurs organically at its own timing.

Ascension/Inscension cannot be bought or endowed. Beware content that makes claims along these lines. The only thing one "needs" is a sincere quest to return to Divine Truth within oneself. Everything else is secondary. Content, meditations, teachers etc can assist one's personal growth but not replace or enable the Organic Ascension Process.