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On the surface, misogyny is the prejudice against or hatred of women and the female form.

Beneath the surface, misogyny is indicative of anti-Sophianic and anti-Heart attitudes.

Such anti-conscious, anti-spiritual behavior may be influenced by or infiltrated by Lunar influences or Satanic influences. For example, Satanism as an essence is both the reversal of the True Feminine and the hatred for the True Feminine, for an ideology would not reverse and distort the True Feminine without first hating it.

Contemporary Feminism is often misogynistic in that it incites women to adopt excessive-masculine behavior in order to conform to and advance in an already–false-masculine world, that is: a world whose inversions were fundamentally not worth excelling at in the first place. Feminism which does not encourage and nurture Sophianic principles is not Feminism, but Masculinism masquerading in female bodies. Such False Feminism is a tactic of Luciferian Evil, to perpetuate False Masculinity and keep people in service to it any way possible.

The existence of misogyny does not undermine the misandry. There are many aware women who can elaborate misogyny better than me, and I let them. My focus will be on misandry.