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Opposites are identical to each other. "-100" is identical to "+100," just opposing.

There is no Truth in polarity, just ping-ponging, pendulum-swinging, and see-sawing. At a psycho-spiritual level, this is a form of perpetual suffering without resolution.

This leads to suffering because, as a metaphor, "+100" cannot know the truth of "0" when it's actively resisting the existence of "-100." The fact that someone is charged to "+100" is often because of opposing the opposite charge of "-100." That is, "-100" gives rise to "+100" and neither possess the truth. Our craving for one thing is often proportional to our hatred of another. (See Craving & Hating.)

Meanwhile, the truth lies at zero (literally, the Zero Point). The truth is neither yin nor yang, but the circle that encompasses yin + yang. Just as 0 is reached by combining "-100" plus "+100".

More specifically, the truth is the ability to see the whole circle, but to not be of either yin, nor yang, nor of the circle that combines them. Truth is not just the balance or nullification of polarity, but transcends polarity.

The extremist polarity we experience with life on Earth relates to the corrupted, false-duality, false-dichotomy bi-wave mechanics[1][2] that Evil has induced upon our natural, Eternal, tri-wave nature.[3] See Trifurcation of Timelines for full context on how this fraud has been perpetrated upon society and manifested in everyday life.

Divorced polarity leads to destabilizing imbalances within our psychology and spirituality. These divorced polarities are generated from trauma, and express through the triggers that come from unresolved trauma. Unresolved, charged, 'hanging' polarity incites us to either crave or push away from the opposite, complementary polarity. Contemporary duality politics is exemplary of this psychosis. See Craving & Hating.


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