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The concept of reality is nowhere as simple as it may seem.

There are multiple "levels" or "versions" or "angles" or "contexts" of what we think of singularly as "reality." This is a scenario where a single word refers to a broad diversity of meanings, and for the sake of spiritual integrity it is vital to distinguish all these meanings.

Collective Reality

When most people say "reality," they mean Collective Reality: the collective agreement we all have by living together on the same planet.

Collective Reality is built on a sense of consistent experience, in the sense that "what one person experiences, so can another." A tree is a tree is a tree. This interpretation of Reality generally works when referring to external material reality (Materiality).

However, Collective Reality is not infallible, absolute, or even divinely aligned or correct. Mix 8 billion people together, few of whom remember True Divine Consciousness, many of whom don't actively care about True Divine Consciousness, and the Collective Reality that manifests is highly inferior to its own potential.

Collective Reality can also be likened to the Matrix in general, because people derive assumptions about other people from this reality regardless of their relevancy.

As people wake up, they shed the conditioning, imprinting, and peer pressure of Collective Reality and transition to Personal Reality.

Personal Reality (Relative Reality)

Personal Reality or Relative Reality is what people generally mean when they say "my truth." We all posses innate and inalienable Divine Sovereignty, granting us the Divine Right to experience a Personal Reality however we please.


The Personal Reality of an unaware person, however, is subject to extreme manipulation to serve other agendas. Many people's Personal Realities have been neatly lined up with the goals and energetics of the Matrix precisely in order to cultivate a Collective Reality which one would be deemed "wrong" to deviate from. It is 8 billion Personal Realities which comprise the larger Collective Reality, after all — without the Personal Realities congealing together, there is no Collective Reality. This is why the Collective Reality has little innate truth; it's just a trend based on the fads of human experience which happen to manifest. Collective Reality could fundamentally transform into what it once deemed impossible, if only 8 billion people were to transform individually. But by convincing many people to conform to larger ideologies and agendas, nefarious agendas are able to engineer the manifestation of a Collective Reality which suits them.

Regardless of the Matrix, Personal Reality can become highly inverted in the sense that: it is possible for a human to have real experiences of not true things. This is often validated and even encouraged, and is representative of normalized cognitive dissonance and psychosis.

Reference Point for Personal Creation

The missing reference point of most Personal Realities is the Truth of the Divine. That is, most people do not create their reality from awareness of their inner Divinity. People are so burdened and overwhelmed by ideologies, agendas, lies, wounds, and bullshit that they just haphazardly create whatever they can muster the reluctant courage to get out of bed for — school, job, money, kids … school, job, money, kids … school, job, money, kids. So many people get strung into an assembly line ideology of "what life is supposed to be life" that their Personal Reality is in no way authentic to their Sovereign Soul. The Soul-via-human has simply agreed to the easiest thing on the shelf of Life on Earth and bought into it, thereby creating even more of it. Just as bad as not creating from inner Divinity is the New Age's tricks and deceptions of getting people to created from a diluted, false, inverted, or distorted sense of Divinity or even personal egoic sovereignty. The New Age cultivates people who've awakened to their creative power but do not respect or revere where that power derives, IE the Creator.

Reactive Creation

Due to how long Human Consciousness has been forced to go without self-awareness about Truth and Divinity, many people are operating on/from a smorgasbord of inner wounds. Their Personal Reality is nothing more than the outer sum of their inner suffering. If you ask a person what the difference is between an authentic expression and a wounded expression, almost no one can answer even if their life depends on it — and it does.

Humans are Creator Beings endowed and ordained directly by the Creator. The way Evil has engineered all its false anti-divine realms is to convince innocent Creator Beings to assimilate into its self-serving ideologies, and create them. Many Evil Beings are so far removed from syntropic Divine source that they can't create anything meaningful on their own. Evil achieves many of its goals only with our ignorant complicity. After all, if we didn't consent, an Evil Being would just be a psychotic moron blabbering nonsense until it perishes under the weight of its own disconnection from God while we go on with our lives. But we don't go on with our lives — we go on with the lives they let us live. And we agree to these lives often based on how we've been hurt and harmed and never healed over lifetimes and lifetimes of living.

Inner Reality / Inner Matrix

Our Personal Reality is foremost an Inner Reality. The reason we're able to largely disregard the affairs of Collective Reality is not because we're simply experiencing our Personal Reality, but because our Personal Reality is created from-within-outward, beginning with our Inner Reality.

For example, a tree is a tree is a tree. But if a person's vocation is to be an arborist, they see trees differently — personally rather than objectively or mundanely. This is part of the way we're supposed to live: in our own worlds which bridge with the worlds of others for mutual and collective expansion and experience.

However, Inner Reality can become highly distorted, no longer sourced from the inner Heart/Soul/Spirit/Divinity. This is when Inner Reality becomes the Inner Matrix: one's very own prison.

This prison is built on fears, unresolved wounds, belief systems, unquestioned rote memory from institutional brainwashing ("school"), illusory perspectives, and outright delusions. The fact that we all have an Inner Reality in spite of a Collective Reality is why one person can love trees while another person fear a branch falling on their head with each tree they pass. The tree is identical, the Inner Reality is not. An Inner reality which has become distorted into an Inner Matrix is debilitating for the person who lives inside of it.

The Relativity of Reality:

There is a certain emphasis to be made when speaking of Personal Reality and how it can be manipulated, and the wounds and suffering which people can reactively create their reality from.

This wounded reactive creation of Personal Reality is reaching a breaking point with the splitting of timelines. People have become so innocently harmed by so much anti-conscious engineering that many people cannot perceive Truth to any meaningful degree, and therefore cannot create from a True place. All they can perceive are the genuine illusions and delusions of their Inner Matrix which they propagate forward into their reality experience and increasingly impose upon others through policies, laws, or sheer will.

This is leading to all sorts of genuine insanity, much of which is either normalized with political correctness and policy or resistantly rejected as if it doesn't even exist to be dealt with, when neither extreme is an acceptable approach. The people suffering from cognitive dissonance and psychosis demand institutions support and validate them without question let alone helping them heal of their problems (also because mainstream institutions are fundamentally ill-equipped to heal many things born from esoteric distortions), while the people without a personal reference point for the suffering and/or resentful toward the reactive behavior of those suffering dismiss the suffering without addressing it effectively at all. Mainstream Collective Reality is becoming a toxic lose-lose cesspool of nonsense, because every person wants their Inner Matrix Personal Reality to be catered to, even when it comes at the expense of another person's Personal Reality, which is a boundary violation, which incites warring of all kinds, which constitutes the Divide & Conquer tactics intentionally perpetrated by Evil. Much of this insanity derives from the very simple human flaw of identifying-as things they are not (that is, being individuated Eternal Consciousness identifying-as something singular that they grip to for dear life, when it's not even True).

Increasing disharmony and mutual-exclusivity is bubbling up in the Collective Reality. Though this is to be expected with the splitting of timelines, as people are finding out where their lives stand in relation to energetics that are either being annihilated or amplified at a collective-universal level.


This is why it is absolutely imperative to become inquisitive and curious about all the natures of Reality and reach personal conclusions rather than the conclusions handed down, least of all the conclusions from Material-first people, fields, and institutions.

There is no fear-mongering hear in spite of how 'serious' the situation is. There is just the strong suggestion to get curious about life and whether you're Living True to yourself or not. If you don't know, that's the best place to start: let your curiosity roam free and you will discover yourself.

It is worth noting that a wholesome Personal Reality requires a balance of Heart and Head, not either-or. See Christos-Sophia for more context, and refer to the Table of Consciousness for a reference on what a Head vs Heart state of consciousness manifests into.


Materiality is the notion that the material world trumps all. Materiality is the assumption that spoils and sabotages Science's endeavors for the Truth.

Atomic reality is last on the ladder of all of Divine Reality. Although matter is Sophianc AKA of the Divine Feminine (matter = mother) and therefore matter merits as much respect as spirit/essence/energy, the degree of density that we experience and measure with instruments is literally the most downstream effect one could measure. By the time energy becomes matter, it has gone through so many processes and possible distortions.

Classical Science's material foundations are understandable due to deriving from a human point of view, but naïve and foolhardy.

Quantum Science is rising in place of Classical Science, explaining away non-material notions which Classical Science would never be able to achieve. Quantum Science understands that Materiality is a downstream byproduct of higher truths.

However, the word "quantum" is an ironic misnomer meaning "a discrete quantity" or "a unit of quantity" or "a share or portion" — just like atomic reality and the human mental tendency to destruct and individualize everything into separate parts. When people interact with Quantum Science, they never interact with it true to the word, because people are seeking to transcend atomic "quantum" reality and focus on the fluid energetics/essence/consciousness behind the atoms/quanta. Quantum Science is mis-named, coming from a Classical Science point of view that uninitiated humans just can't shake.

The New Age Luciferian Agenda has heavily hijacked Quantum Science to be distorted and self-serving. Quantum Science is technically God Science — experiential, reproducible, evidence-based science which can lead a person dependably to the Living Truth of Consciousness — but the New Age dilutes this God Science down into the quantum field being a mere "pool of abundance" which any person (any ego whim) can pull from for their own pleasure. This is not the Science of God, but the science of the Ego, instigated by Lucifieran anti-conscious influences.

True Science is one which starts at the "top," with the Divine, and works its way down. Only a science such as this can know the reference point (God the Divine) in order to then measure everything else against. Being so far 'down in density,' True Science is known by almost no one and only nowadays experiencing a surge as the Trifurcation of Timelines accelerates, requiring True Science to be restored and systemized to in human awareness in order for inscending humans to live in the new timeline.

Spirituality is this True Science, because True Spirituality encourages direct-experience of that which is True. That is, God does not "measure" the Truth, God lives it — and so ought we. This is why Spirituality is so severely hijacked, distorted, inverted, mocked, ridiculed, and dismissed — especially by Classical Science whose material dependence cannot accommodate True Science for risk of being completely overruled and rewritten. Classical Science often operates like any other ego complex, rather than as a truehearted pursuit of the Truth, and it is not surprising that the Luciferian Agenda makes great use of it to subdue Spirituality and Truth alike.

Co-Reality, Duo-Reality




Divine Reality