The Matrix

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The Matrix is many things.

Overall, it consists of divorced Masculine & Feminine essences, metaphysical architecture, anti-human agendas, trauma-inducing tactics, suffering-siphoning intentions, Evil of all varieties, aliens pretending to be Good Guys, false histories written by the victors we don't even know about, and much more.

But in essence, the Matrix is the systematic violation of the innocence of the human condition. The matrix violates human innocence in whatever way it can devise.

This is my personal definition of the Matrix, and I consider this awareness more important than all the "things" and rabbit holes one can explore. None of that content matters if one does not understand why the Matrix exists and what it is going after. That Why and that What is Divine Human Innocence.

For this reason, my work does not involve much exposure about Matrix architecture, entities, or details. My duty is to paint the conceptual framework that one can use to perceive from — to teach a person to fish spiritually, instead of giving them a spiritual fish. Awakening without 1) healing the trauma induced by Matrix tactics and 2) returning to Divine Consciousness that transcends Matrix architecture keeps one still embedded within the Matrix. To awaken without ascending out of the Matrix is to see the prison but to never leave.