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I swear to seek the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

"The Truth" is far more than a factoid or a dataset. The Truth is a divine, living architecture. This is how we can remain perfectly alive while not knowing a thing.

Absolute Architecture

Although the restrictions of the third dimension challenge us in perceiving it fully or clearly, the Truth does exist, and is absolute — as an architecture, not as a fact, opinion, perspective, or behavior.

Within Absolute Truth Architecture is where we find ourselves, and it is within Absolute Truth Architecture that inversions and distortions such as Evil has arisen. At its simplest, Evil is the hell-bent agenda to survive and gain power while denying and rejecting the Truth in which Evil is operating. This is entropic, desperate attitude is why Evil ultimately, inevitably, always fails at some point. Evil cannot replicate, reject, or bypass Absolute Architecture, so spends its time attempting to survive in denial of it.

Evil is psychosis at its finest, a psychosis generated from antipathy toward the Divine. Much of life on Earth is founded on and designed from this psychosis, a world divorced and inverted from the Architecture of Truth.

Union of Inner Masculine & Feminine

The Christos-Sophia union of our inner essences is the True Nature of Divine Consciousness.

In a practical sense, this union and embodiment thereof enables us to perceive Truth with a capital T. When one is of pure spiritual integrity within, one can perceive lack of integrity without — at a frequency level far beyond/before words, appearances, or behavior.

This inner power for perceiving Truth is likewise why Evil is founded on divorcing this inner union, and traumatizing and exploiting each essence individually. A divorced masculine or feminine essence is caught up in its own self-survival. Not only does it fail to perceive Truth, many times it will skip the Truth for a lie, if a lie will allow it to survive. Furthermore, one divorced essence is often combative against the other essence, even leading to mutually assured destruction. For example, the (false/distorted) trope of "Man vs Woman," or distorted/false Feminism which hates and diminishes men, committing misandry while claiming to end misogyny.

True Consciousness does not oppose aspects of its own self. As one embodies True Consciousness, it becomes possible to perceive fallen consciousness which does oppose aspects of Divine Creation for its own gains and agendas.

See Trifurcation of Timelines for greater awareness on how this has played out in the real world.

Embodiment of the Christos Blueprint allows for discernment of Artificial Timelines, by testing the signature of field architecture and noting that the architecture or timeline is being generated artificially via Alien Machinery and is wholly inorganic. The majority of the active artificial timelines are using reversal elemental structures that are being plugged into the planetary 10D Stargate system, connecting with several wormholes that lead back into the Black Hole System. – Christos Paliadorian Covenant, Ascension Glossary

Christo-Sophianic embodiment is the key that enables perception of Absolute Truth and lack/inversion/distortion thereof.


Beliefs do not constitute Truth. In fact, beliefs are often delusions which obscure the Truth from one's perception.

Beliefs, even at their best, are artificially redundant to Nature. For example, to "believe you can smell things" is not necessary when you're smelling things. The latter is existence, the former is an artifice masquerading as existence, at risk of forcing its version of reality into perspective even when that reality is not actually existing or being experienced in that moment.

People experience pain and suffering when they build and buy into beliefs which counter and contradict the Nature of what's existing. Beliefs cause a person to live in their own Personal Reality instead of a larger, coherent collective reality, for better and for worse. For example, to have a belief that “things always smell bad” incites a person to ruminate on bad smells and be bothered by previously bad-smelling things, even if the air around them is pure and odorless. Living this way is a form of dissociative trance.

Beliefs may or may not derive from the unconscious ramifications of trauma. Trauma beliefs cannot be casually corrected, nor paced over like with New Age affirmations. The core wound must be healed, and then the belief often lets up naturally. Meanwhile, non-traumatic beliefs generated unwittingly through circumstance or ignorance can be altered fairly easily once a person becomes consciously aware of them.

The normalized notion of “having a belief system” is a psychological and spiritual red flag indicating a lack of awareness of Truth to some degree. Although the belief system likely conforms with mainstream Reality, such as the Matrix, and therefore may seem quite “normal,” this is its precise flaw. Neither the Truth nor awareness of the Truth require “belief.” But belief is required when a person is not in pursuit of the Truth — belief becomes the scaffolding that holds up false or wayward perspectives of existence. The best case scenario for a “belief system” is if it’s derived directly from one’s experiences; however, such a belief system is still liable to devolve into a rigid perspective of life that is incongruent with Life Itself. A belief system derived from past experiences risks distorting or preventing future experiences. The Truth is a living process and a lived process — it requires no artificial or redundant rigidity to exist or be known.

The experiential awareness of Truth is called gnosis.

Of course, since we live in an inverted and distorted realm (see Evil and its everyday manifestations in the Trifurcation of Timelines), it’s possible to experience Not Truth (inversions, distortions, lies, deceptions) as well. This is why it’s of paramount importance to cultivate discernment, reclaim sovereignty, heed Awakening and Ascension, and pursue the continual re-integration and balancing of one’s Masculine and Feminine Essences (see Christos-Sophia) so that one’s body system can being seeing clearly. Without this inner cultivation, a person may experience many things, yet few if any of them may be true.

Faith, different from belief, is the ‘hopeful holdout’ for Truth which has yet to be experienced. Once it, or something else, is experienced, it becomes gnosis.

Life on Earth ought to have come with an operating manual that stated: Beliefs Not Required. "Belief" is not required to live or experience life. At best, belief may serve as ‘reality scaffolding’, but this is a flawed way to live. There are many times when a belief which lies dormant in a person’s subconscious or consumes a person’s conscience fails to manifest anyway. Belief is not a guarantee of experience the belief, except as an inner state of perception/illusion.

Belief or ‘reality scaffolding’ is different from encoding one’s field to interface with Reality in a certain manner.

The verb “to believe” is used casually in everyday language and does not necessarily relate to the concept of Belief. For example, saying “I believe the man went that way” might mean “I think I saw the man go in that direction, but I’m not sure.” It is not a belief that “this man always goes that way.”

Right vs Wrong

The Truth is alive, a living process and existence. We can be right, and remain alive. We can be wrong, and remain alive. That is: to be right or wrong does not have much bearing on life, on Truth.

Right & Wrong are relative polarity perspectives, unique to a person's Personal Reality life experiences.

Right & Wrong are generally personal preferences. It's natural and acceptable to have personal Rights & Wrongs.

Some examples: The experience of flying may be wrong for a person. The experience of riding a motorcycle may be right for a person. The experience of living in a city may be wrong for a person. Et cetera.

Theses Rights & Wrongs are personal and do not apply universally to others. Consider them in the context of Beliefs.

Most "Wrongs" are completely relative to the society in which one lives and have nothing to do with spiritual integrity.

What people are really trying to grasp with the concept of "Right & Wrong" is the concept of Correct & Incorrect.

Correct & Incorrect

Or Spiritual Correctitude and Spiritual Incorrectitude. Correctitude and Incorrectitude are relational to Divine Architecture & Truth and can only be understood from a perspective of respect and reverence for such.

This concept of Correct & Incorrect is not a ploy to control or coerce people. It is to acknowledge and respect basic Laws of Nature, which could also be considered innate and inalienable Divine Laws from which none of us escape — but Evil tries to.

It goes without saying that Evil is Incorrect. Evil survives by feeding off the Living, because Evil has forsaken its own connection to and alignment with Divine Laws of Nature. By breaking away from the Divine Source, Evil Entities also broke away from their own ability to live, for aliveness is sourced from the Creator. For a Created Being to unplug from the Creator is to secure that being's death.

Evil skirts this inevitable death by tricking, attacking, and violating the Living who have not broken away from the Creator. Attempting to exist in antithesis to the Creator is not casually "bad" or "wrong," it is Incorrect. It is incorrect because it leads to existence which defies the intention of the Creator. The proof that such a way of existence is Incorrect is derives from the Natural Laws which ultimately destroy this way of anti-living. Even though it tries, Evil cannot outwit or outrun the objective Laws and Mechanics of Creation.

In this way, we can come to an understanding of Spiritual Correctitude. The Creator Created Beings to explore and expand freely within Creation, and this comes with literally-endless variety and diversity. Whether something is "right or wrong" is not a big ordeal, if an ordeal at all. Sovereign beings are free to explore and experience "wrong experiences," as long as those experiences remain Correct within the Laws of Nature.

If a being decides to break away from the Creator to explore their own version of "right" (precisely what both Satanic Evil and Luciferian False Light have attempted in their own ways), then this is Incorrect, and the Laws of Nature will ultimately lead this attempt to decay and extermination. This Incorrectitude is not an opinion or a prejudice. It is an objective perspective of what happens when attempting to bypass the Creator (since the Creator and the Laws of Creation are naturally unbypassable).

"Correct" is simply to live true to the laws and mechanics of the Creator's Creation.

"Incorrect" is simply the attempt to survive in antithesis to the laws and mechanics Creator's Creation.

Compare with Oblivion.

Ironically, most Rights & Wrongs are Correct and do not deviate from the Divine. They deviate from society or from the Matrix. Meanwhile, the Matrix is an Incorrect deviation from the Divine.

How to Learn & Use Information Information does not contain Truth. At best, it refers to the Truth. At worst, it refers to lies, deceptions, and manipulations. In between, it may refer to personal experiences, opinions, misunderstandings, or ignorance. Information is just information, showing up as words, videos, or ideas.

One way of cultivating a more robust awareness is to cross-reference data on a single subject from multiple sources, angles, and perspectives.

To approach Truth requires a clear body and heart, to act as barometers. Truth is a gnosis: not just a personal experience, but an inner knowing. To "know the truth" is to have an inner relationship with something far beyond — or deep within — one's mind, body, or heart.

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