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My awakening began with Buddhism. After an overwhelming series of emotional turmoil, I knew that "something needed to change" and turned to Buddhism after being fairly agnostic. I valued it for its clear, no-nonsense, non-imposing structure and approach to spirituality. For the first several years I took it quite seriously, even attending several meditation retreats.


At an intellectual-psychological level, Buddhism has many worthwhile frameworks and insights that can help a newly de-Matrix-ing person to understand themselves, heal, and gain inner stability in this world.

Craving & Aversion

For example, the concept of "craving and aversion" directly calls out the Ego's tendency for toxic polarity and duality. My spin on this mental polarity is "craving and hating" — craving positive polarity, hating negative polarity. Understanding and transcending this phenomenon alone can revolutionize one's life.


At a spiritual level, I now find Buddhism highly suspect. I do not trust the energyscapes it leads to.

My distrust of Buddhism is proportional to my trust and remembrance of Christos-Sophia, which I am not certain Buddhism is capable of leading to. Spiritual integrity might depend on the lineage; for example, Tibetan Buddhism can differ from other paths of Buddhism.

Furthermore, upon my asking, quantum healer Becky Barron saw the Buddha to be negatively influenced in order to reach the position he did.[1] Specifically, being influenced by snakes. This may correlate to the tale of Mucalinda, "the King of Serpants."

From a detached standpoint, it is clear that Buddhism's strengths in intellect and psychology may also be its precise weakness, in that it is overly masculine (structures, frameworks, definitions, quantities) while perhaps lacking either a True Feminine or True Masculine essence. Most traditions have a 'Christos-Sophia problem' and Buddhism seems to suffer from the same fate.

Part of the New Age Luciferian Agenda is to equate all spiritual beings and deities to each other, as if none are "better or worse" than another. This is a false approach. A Christos-Sophianic being is distinctly different from a one-off masculine or feminine deity that neither possesses nor represents Christos-Sophianic integrity. Yeshua 'the Christ' and Zeus are not on the same level, for example. The New Age's attempt to equate all beings to each other is in fact the attempt to discredit the objective energetic purity of divine Christos-Sophianic architecture.

This doesn't necessarily negate the potential benefits of Buddhism nor nullify it as a path to go down if one feels called toward it. It just requires potent awareness and discernment. A person must be ready and willing to release a practice if they notice it is incongruent with their inner calling or discernment. Moreover, a person must seek clarity on what they're striving for in the first place. To strive from inner distortions — which Buddhism does a good job at distinguishing, such as with Craving & Hating — would lead one down a distorted path, perhaps to a distorted dead-end. This concern is why the Truth is my north star.


A discussion on Buddhism is not complete without mention of Nirvana and enlightenment.

Although I don't have a direct read on Nirvana, "enlightenment" has become a mainstay trap of New Agism in that it influences people to go further and further into their mental realms in order to escape the suffering of the terrestrial realm, all the while divorcing from Matter and from the Heart. That is: a lost and wayward mental-masculine essence strives to escape its suffering while leaving behind the Sophianic feminine essence in the material realm. This behavior is anti–Christos-Sophianic and the byproduct of Luciferian Evil influence.

Since multiple dimensions beyond that 3rd are corrupted and inverted (IE, 5D is not the magical solution from the problems of 3D, and in fact it's the primary hub of False Light[2]), it would not surprise me if Nirvana is just a calm, 'null' place in some higher dimension that serves to escape the extremist distortions of 3D reincarnation yet lacks Divine connection and integrity nonetheless.

The spiritual goal down here in 3D is the purification and reunification of the split/mundane/inverted/distorted Masculine & Feminine essences AKA Christos-Sophia AKA Hieros Gamos / Sacred Union / Sacred Marriage. Any "spiritual" practice that does not encourage and lead to reunification and purification of Inner Masculine & Feminine Essence is an Evil-engineered perpetuation of suffering. Suffering itself derives from these split essences getting lost down their own mutually-destructive paths of distortion and darkness. An ideology which recommends escaping off into a mental realm would be a staple in that.

Again, while I'm not sure that's what Nirvana truly is, that is how it's regularly perceived in New Ageism, as if one can "mentally meditate away" from their problems.