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An inconvenient fact of Life on Earth (and perhaps in this whole Universe) is that Consciousness does not die, and therefore life should not die either. In a healthy realm, an incarnated being is able to de-carnate and in-carnate on demand. Imagine if, in Harry Potter, wizards and witches did not merely apparate to a different location (transmigration) but rather could de-apparate to a different dimension of existence and not need to return to third-dimensional life at all.

A byproduct of this Truth is that all illness, disease, sickness, and suffering is indicative of deviation from the Divine, whether at the micro level of a single lifetime on a planet, or at the macro level of whole dimensions and realms being inverted and artificially engineered against the Nature of True Consciousness.

This inner knowing that Death is unnatural is the source of Veganism, which understands that Consciousness does not feed on itself to survive but rather sources boundlessly from the Divine to thrive. However, Veganism does not address / solve / comprehend the core problem which is: a Human who needs to eat plants instead of meat is still entropically surviving instead of syntropically thriving. (Plus it may be that plants aren't meant to die either, so Vegans are just killing them more than animals, re-appropriating the same unaddressed problem they were striving to solve.)

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