Divine Common Sense

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Divine Common Sense is when a being who is aligned with Divine Integrity treats another being with the respect they deserve, even if that other being does not treat themselves with the same level of respect. Narcissism's primary tell is that it does not treat people with the same respect as the Divine would, but takes advantage of the person's weakness for personal gain.

Divine Integrity: A quality of discipline and drive in a person who is aware of or awakens to the mechanics of True Consciously and genuine pursues to heal and purge any inversions or distortions they may possess. Theoretically, all beings are on this journey, no matter how far they have fallen from Inner-Divine Awareness. However, many beings delay their journey by attaching to lesser agendas which siphon them off into entropic arenas of experience, or by identifying-as things/illusions they are not. This said, beings are not free from accountability for any active harm them institute on other beings, for this represents a violation on the other being's organic path and sovereignty. While a New Ager would be inclined to let Evil Entities off the hook since they're just "super fallen" from grace, these entities are not called evil because they are "bad" but because they have committed to and artificially engineered a way of life that is intrinsically entropic and will continue in a "downward" spiral (relative to the Divine) whose only outcome is self-implosion into oblivion. Naturally, it is inappropriate to lead another being into a trap whose only destination is oblivion[1]. Oblivion is antithetical to everything the Creator intended for the Created to pursue within Creation.

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