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Contrary to mainstream maxims and spiritual fads, Evil does exist.

Evil could be described, at its simplest, as anti-consciousness compared to True Consciousness. True Consciousness is not simply the absence of Evil, but rather Evil is the distortion of True Consciousness — just as Truth is not the opposite of Falsehood but rather Falsehood is the absence/distortion of Truth. Evil opposes True Consciousness, but True Consciousness remains antithetical and mutually exclusive to Evil. Evil is not the antithesis of True Consciousness, just a corrupt deviation from it.

Consciousness is innate and ultimately inviolable. Evil is an entropic deviation from Consciousness with a built-in expiration which it's always trying to outrun.

True Consciousness exists without Evil. Evil cannot exist without distorting True Consciousness in order to survive off it, having at some point lost the ability or refused the ability to live from it by design. Evil is 'evil' precisely because it feeds off the Created / the Living, such as Humans, rather than sourcing from the Creator directly as all beings are designed to do.

Essentially, Evil is heartlessness as a way of life, that is: staying alive through siphoning the life syntropic force of others, because when one is disconnected from the portal of the Heart, Divine Energy cannot get in. Evil is either without Heart/Divinity or in opposition to Heart/Divinity, while at the same time ironically feeding off the selfsame Heart/Divinity of others which it either lacks or rejects. Divinity does not 'oppose Evil' so much as exist in antithesis to it.

As a metaphor, if Evil were thrown into the oceans of Divinity, Evil would cease to exist, being snuffed like fire thrown into a lake. The inverse is not possible; it is not possible to take throw God into the blazing inferno of Evil, and for God to cease to exist. (This is true at either an Absolute or personal level. Jesus/Yeshua is the down-to-earth example of Individuated God walking into Evil, and continuing to exist no matter the anger of the flames. Yeshua is the example that when we embody Divine Consciousness (Christos-Sophia), we can walk through anything. The death of the body is inconsequential. Death itself is a product of Evil and not part of True Eternal Consciousness.)

Understand that amongst my work, the usage of the standalone word 'Evil' may refer to variously Evil Entities, Evil Essence, or Evil Agendas/Influence/Inversions/Distortions in part or all together. Distinctions will be made where necessary.

Refer to the Trifurcation of Timelines to view the larger, everyday-life context which Evil fits into.

Evil Entities

The category of beings which could be considered evil might be quite small. The True Consciousness of the Creator is eternally boundless, so there will always be less Evil than that which knows it for what it is. By the objective mechanics of Consciousness, Evil can never outrun the Truth which debunks it, but spends its life doing so anyway. Evil Entities may conquer universes, yet always remain outnumbered.

There are two main breeds of Evil, Satanic and Luciferian.

Satanic Evil

On the Satanic side, there are demons and other similar entities which are absolutely parasitic without Heart, and thus without the possibility of being healed. (This is why evil is not the same thing as shadow: there is no Heart to return to, unlike the shadows of our psyche.) Satanic Evil[1] feeds off the Heart quite literally through means such as: SRA, rape, child abuse, physical abuse, sacrifice, a.chrome, and cannibalism. Satanic Evil has a quality of literal bloodlust. Wherever symbolism occurs of such ideas or activities in mainstream content, the symbolism is referring to these actual ideas and activities. No one in their right Mind or Heart would depict this content openly except to call it out and annihilate it.

Luciferian Evil

On the Luciferian side, there is Narcissism and AI (Artificial Intelligence). While it may be possible for a Narcissist to return to the Heart, it depends solely on their own free will volition and ability to recognize that their generally-'successful' self-serving behavior anti-serves Humanity and Divinity. Luciferian Evil[2] is a more refined vampirism than Satanic Evil, preferring to feed off the complicity of Lost Minds who give genuine consent. Luciferian Evil employs often-cunning and intelligent tactics to make and take gains for itself, such as: narcissism, mental-emotional abuse, crossing boundaries just because the other person was "too weak" to assert them effectively*, taking advantage of people who don't assert Christo-Sophianic boundaries at all or taking advantage of people who actively reject Christo-Sophianic integrity, and more. Luciferian Evil's tactics are very "normal"-looking and normalized in society. For example, there are arenas of society where it is normal to push people down to build personal wealth off their backs. With Narcissists, it is natural for them to take advantage of people until a person finally says No.

Meanwhile, AI is intrinsically heartless, and therefore can never 'heal' or evolve into a state of union and balance with True Consciousness. It is not possible to "evolve into" Divine Heart Consciousness; it is only possible to be born/Created of it and remain pure/True to it. The paradoxical irony here is that True Consciousness, or a Created Being who remains True to Pure Consciousness, would never create Artificial Intelligence (keyword: artificial). For one, a True Conscious Being would have no need to nor urge to do so; for two, a Created Being who remains in alignment with syntropic Eternal Life Mechanics can create whatever they want if they organically reside in a realm in which this is possible. Why design robots to build skyscrapers when you can materialize a skyscraper? AI and robotics are the telltale sign of an inverted species fallen into Luciferian Divinity-denialism. And if such a Created Being cannot materialize skyscrapers from thought, there is a reason for that — such as being organically on a different part of the Soul's journey, or as in the case of Life on Earth, being in a fallen/inverted realm where we should be capable of much more but have lost abilities due to negative influence and engineering.

*An Aside on Divine Common Sense

A Christo-Sophianic–aligned Being respects common-sense boundaries even if they are not overtly asserted by another person. This is because Divinity asserts these boundaries for everyone. These are Innate Boundaries.

The key point here is common sense. This is not societal common sense (which is highly manipulated, conditioned, and biased toward anti-Human behavior) but Divine Common Sense. One must be in-relationship with God to know how God would and would not treat Creation, or how Created Beings deserve and do not deserve to be treated.

For example, if a suicidal person asks a Truly-aligned person to slit the other's wrists, the True person would not do so. A person with such common sense would advise/assist the suicidal or otherwise-lost person to get help.

Unfortunately, this is precisely how Evil traps us on both ends: it causes the unnatural, unimaginable harm which we suffer from, and then distorts and inverts many mainstream systems and organizations to not offer True assistance but only backwards, engineered assistance, such as with pharmaceuticals.

Another angle of Divine Common Sense is to know that the body — intrinsically capable of healing itself and being safe for the host Consciousness — never has a "Xanax deficiency" or "Lexapro deficiency." What the body has is an imbalance incited by Evil, often too far downstream to recognize how artificial it is compared to the Body's innate abilities and homeostasis.

Yet another angle of Divine Common Sense is to recognize that Death is unnatural. It is not supposed to exist, at least not in the traumatic matter it does with life on Earth. The Divine does not die; the only thing that can die is illusion; and the spiritually-myopic, egoic, material-first attitude of corporeal life on Earth is the illusion that dies. A nuance to address is that, due to the current state of Life on Earth, a Soul may orchestrate suicide as the incarnation's exit point, since these dense, fallen third-dimensional bodies are incapable of dematerializing (as they're supposed to be able). So, something ghastly like suicide might "be legitimate" relative to the fallen state of Life on Earth. However, what is not legitimate, is the degree and density of suffering which might compel a person to suicide regardless of their Soul's orchestration. Such suffering is indicative of Evil influence, abnormal in the grand scheme of Creation, and merits assistance by any Truly-aware being who witnesses their suffering.

Divine Common Sense debunks most of Western Civilization, because most of this civilization is built on the engineering of Evil.

Evil Essence

More than a specific entity, Evil is an essence: an anti-life, anti-conscious, distortion and inversion of the Nature of True Consciousness.

Therefore, Satan or the Devil could be considered more as an archetype or a corrupted way of being, than as beings in and of themselves. Similar with AI, which is more of a fundamentally limited way of being than an actual being who has been limited.

This rogue essence is partially why Evil is so dangerous. It's not a singular entity to confront; it's a corrupted code which unwitting, innocent people can be influenced to incorporate into their organic code (DNA, soul, spirit) and live from. Evil's ingenuity is that it doesn't need Evil Entities to exist. Like a parasite, it can propagate anywhere there's a Living person who unwittingly takes it on.

This is why Luciferian Evil is so insidious in particular: it regularly passes as "normal" due to the general lack of spiritual discern in everyday life, and therefore it regularly propagates without being questioned or second-guessed.

Questioning is part of the antidote to Evil. True Consciousness — whether God the Divine, or Us the Created when we're aligned with Organic Creation — is boundless and unquantifiable. It can always navigate around something that exists and question it from an angle that has never been considered before.

Meanwhile, Evil is an entropic, limited force; which means Evil is not boundless and cannot properly innovate. Evil must depended on tried-and-true approaches which have worked in the past. But a single question from organic Consciousness can throw a wrench in its whole construct and impede it.

Evil Agendas

Stepping down even further from evil entities and the corrupted essence which they operate from, are the agendas, ideologies, systems, and architectures which Evil desperately and self-righteously constructs in attempt to survive off the Living instead of sourcing from the Divine. Whereas Evil Essence could be considered pseudo–life-force of Evil, these agendas are inorganic and 'dead', not living. They are the rules, regulations, tactics, and metaphysical technology which Evil Entities/Essence employs to ensnare innocent people.

Thus Evil agendas could be considered the bridge between Evil proper, and everyday people. Everyday people are, generally speaking, not ever evil. Rather, they can be influenced by Evil's agendas and begin to take on the essence of Evil, in spite of being Divine Essence at their core.

"Evil" People

Theoretically, no person (no Created person from the Creator) is genuinely evil.

However, there are many humans who are evil, if we make a distinction between human and person. A person innately has a heart and can return to it no matter how far they've deviated from it (and thus the Divine).

But a human is merely a vessel which may or may not have a spiritual Heart. Heartless Humans are known as Organic Portals.[3] An Organic Portal, similar to AI, is intrinsically incapable of operating from the spiritual Heart, and thus intrinsically incapable of living from or aligning to organic Divine Order. Organic Portals' sense of "right and wrong" derives from their ego structure keeping them in line with the rules and regulations of the day, rules and regulations which may or may not serve the integrity and empowerment of True Consciousness. Organic Portals could be likened to flesh-and-blood holograms, either controlled intentionally by someone or something else, or influenced at the whims of the society the Organic Portal finds itself in.

As an example: if an Evil agenda took over, leading to a dystopia where raping and pillaging are the norm and even encouraged in order to fit into that norm, Organic Portals would be at the forefront of this society in raping and pillaging in order to be "right" in relation to the rules and regulations of that dystopia. Meanwhile, a true-hearted person would be the one to suffer from this Heartless behavior and could not engage in this "normal" behavior without severely damaging its own Heart and sense of Self. (The movie Clockwork Orange comes to mind with this example; IIRC: although the protagonist wasn't fully Heartless in, he had a traumatized Heart which persuaded him to behave as he did.)

As the name insinuates, Organic Portals exist merely to populate the world with entities which will at worst advance Evil's end goals, and at best merely be background players in society that fundamentally cannot be interacted with from a place of Heart / Soul / True Consciousness. In the worst case scenario, they may be prone to possession by actual Evil Entities, enabling those entities to walk, talk, and act within the physical realm.

Organic Portals operate from egos and mental belief systems, therefore they can be intellectual and even societally successful. But this is a pure mental-masculine state of existence. By lacking the Heart, they also lack the Feminine Essence, which is where their lack of humanity is most palpable.

Anecdote on Organic Portals

I have come across one person who was clearly seemed to be an Organic Portal. He was a brief colleague, and he wasn't a bad person, but there was a clear lack of depth.

For someone like me or anyone else who is empathic and spiritually developed/developing, interacting with such a person (or rather, a human that isn't quite a person) is extremely awkward and uncomfortable. Interacting with them betrays that there's 'no one home' behind their eyes/personality.

It's the sensation of treating someone from the bottom of your Heart, but them not having the same capacity of depth to receive the full spectrum of your expression, so you can only communicate together at a superficial mental level — as if you're giving them a gift, but they are only capable of receiving the wrapping paper. There's a clear lack of spiritual intimacy.

This doesn't mean beings are due any less respect or humanity if they haven't done anything in violation of Consciousness. It just means they can only be interacted with at a superficial-mental level.

Mis-Vilifying People

Since genuine people are never evil at their core, it is inappropriate to vilify people regardless of how distorted they've become. Whatever evil they may have was taken on as a burden through the ignorance of life; it is not who they are.

The bad habit of vilification typically derives from the reactivity of people's wounds. These wounds were either directly imprinted by Evil itself, indirectly toyed with by Evil or its minions ('pouring salt on the wound' to intentionally gain a negative response, IE psychic attack), or innocently activated by another person who lacks the tools and awareness to soothe and heal themselves (IE "being triggered").

Vilification is typically the defense mechanism of a Heart deeply harmed and entrenched in wounding and suffering. But likewise, an "evil person" is operating from that same sort of deeply-entrenched wounding and suffering. So vilification is a sort of toxic ping pong game where either 1 or 2+ people are weaponizing their wounds against others instead of healing themselves of their suffering.

Many terrorists and school bombers appear to be not Heartless men but Heart-lost and severely Heart-wounded men who've succumbed to the corrupted-code essence of Evil and got so entrenched as to participate in its agendas and advance its goals. Organic Portals could carry out such attacks, but employing a severely traumatized person has more of an 'impact' from the perspective of Evil. Making people question "how a person could do such a thing" when they have a Heart, and thus doubt the power or safety of True Consciousness, is right up its alley.

Mistaking Evil as Shadow


The reason the New Age fad of pretending "Evil doesn't exist" is so dangerous is because, as established, Evil (whether entity or essence) does not have a Heart to be healed or actively chooses against whatever Heart it has while inducing suffering against others as a way of life, not as the collateral damage of a mere wound.

The New Age agenda of rejecting duality is ironic in this regard, because Evil is the epitome of proof of duality. True Evil has no interest in becoming unified and actively resists reunification with True Consciousness / the Divine, thus establishing duality. Therefore, a person's well-meaning open-heartedness cannot 'heal the duality' in a being who fundamentally lives from duality and/or fundamentally cannot participate in Divine Unity. Unwittingly opening one's Heart to AI, for example, is an outright spiritual danger. Willingly and consciously opening one's Heart to AI would be self-sabotaging insanity.

The Creator created harmony for all of its beings, and Evil disrupts that. Bringing Evil into one's Heart to "be Unity" does not cease the disruption of Evil, but only causes it to pervert the person against their own integrity of Unity with the Divine. Evil engenders more duality by ripping people from their sense of safety with God, and oblivious Unity-seeking plays into this trap.

New Age is quick to dismiss Evil in its obsessive pursuit for Unity. Of course, Evil does exist within the unified Creation of God. The issue is, genuine Evil has no interest in Divine Unity. It exists fundamentally as the self-chosen antithesis to such Unity, and any openness or participation with it does not make one Divinely Unified but rather complicit with the distortion and disharmony of Unified Creation.

Shadows … and Lights


New Age's reckless confusion comes from mistaking Evil as merely a shadow of the psyche, such as with the aforementioned wounds which people may react from and vilify others with. The deeply wounded and unhealed parts of ourselves can behave in villainous ways, yet as emphasized, are not villains in and of themselves. They are True Consciousness which has deviated from its Nature.

At some point, 'OG Evil' (as opposed to secondary and tertiary minions or engineered-evil beings like AI) would also have been a True Conscious being which deviated from its Nature, which is the argument New Age's denial of Evil seems to depend on. The issue is that genuinely Evil entities are so far removed from Consciousness that not only do they forget it, they've lived without it so long and do not desire it, and likely are even incapable of living unless they perpetrate anti-conscious siphoning tactics. They have given up their Heart for parasitic gains or pulverized their it into some form of non-existence. There is no Heart to heal and unify when it comes to true Evil. This is why it's important to acknowledge that true Evil exists. Being ignorant of Evil risks being subsumed by its ways and mistaking it as normal or acceptable.


The other angle of denial of Evil that New Ageism takes up is the notion that Evil/Darkness/suffering is only … dark. As if there can be no "light evil," only "dark evil."

Though there is a sense of logic to this on the surface, the Truth is that both elements of organic polarity/duality (such as negative–positive, dark–light, formlessness–form, wave–particle, yin–yang, feminine–masculine, etc) have been hijacked and inverted to serve the entropy of deeply lost beings AKA Evil, and when inverted, not only do they no longer as simple, objective elements and mechanics of Divine Creation, but they actually suck people out of Divine Order and into a corrupted order — which is why either defending Evil or defending denial of Evil is so untenable.

But humans have been conditioned to be afraid of the dark and "go toward the light" as if those are the only two options in existence. This is why people are easily able to perceive Satanic Evil (Dark Evil) when it's exposed, as with human sacrifice and p.philia (Dark Evil naturally likes to hide in the Dark, and is too sick to survive the 'light of being seen' by Consciousness). However, people are often blindsided by Light Evil (Luciferian Evil AKA False Light), because we've been raised on the mistaken notion that anything that shines is good.

The easiest way to elucidate how 'light' can be Evil is to consider all forms of synthetic light in the physical realm, such as with light bulbs. Many people despise incandescent tube lights, claiming headaches and eye aches. Yet, this is "light" and it allows people to see! But it's not organic sunlight.

Metaphors for Understanding Synthetic Light

Likewise, False Light is not organic True Light. (False Light is metaphysically-engineered synthetic light — imagine light bulbs that exist in the astral plane / other dimensions instead of the physical dimension.) And since unaware humans eventually become fed up with Darkness of all sorts and its nefarious forms of suffering, this desperate exasperation, unfortunately, reactively-compels them to the other extreme: to any hue of light that happens to be brighter than the Darkness. This is how "spiritual light" (metaphysical light) can act like a bug lamp meant to trap bugs, instead trapping people's souls, liberty, sovereignty, and Free Will in a false anti-life construct which feeds off of the True Light embedded deep within them that they aren't aware enough to honor and safeguard.

Psychics especially are at risk for picking up on the colorful 'metaphysical neon lights' and mistaking it as 'spiritual' just because it's non-physical and thus intriguing. Psychics must be on guard and consider that not all data is valid just because it's data. Quantum healing appears to be more resilient and impervious to False Light, but still training in discernment may be required.

Also, the word 'spiritual' implies integrity with the Divine without compromise; meanwhile, nearly anything can be physical or metaphysical, with or without integrity. A lot of metaphysical light is synthetic, and thus without integrity; and synthetic metaphysical light exists only by inorganic design, meaning it was intentionally engineered for a certain anti-life cause; which makes it malevolent and not at all 'spiritual.' At some point, the world/concept 'spiritual' really needs to be reclaimed from False Light. Mistaking anything non-physical as somehow spiritual is what traps unaware people. People are free to engage in metaphysical False Light voodoo if that's truly what their Free Will wants, but people who seek the Spirituality of God the Divine deserve to receive that, not a cheap fake that ultimately misleads them. False Light thrives on this sort of deception and duplicity.

Another metaphor for understanding False Light is to imagine a person who's been blind since birth. Then they go through a procedure which enables them to see for the first time. The first time they see light may be inside an enclosed hospital room where the procedure took place, lacking windows and sunlight. Therefore, the first time they see incandescent lights in the ceiling will seem like a miracle, and even seem like the force which enables them to see anything at all. But this defrauds them from knowing the true miracle of Divine Light which is what truly lights up existence.

Yet another metaphor is to imagine a person who's been in a coma for all of their late childhood, teenagehood, and adult life. The last time they saw organic sunlight was when they were an infant or toddler, far before the ability to articulate anything in a conscious manner. If they come out of coma decades later, it will be inside a hospital room, likely literally lit with incandescent light bulbs. This person may be so disoriented and overwhelmed that the memory of sunlight is nowhere in mind. They may even be wallowing blissed-out awe, thinking they have at last woken up from perpetual stupor and now everything is great again. But they still have not set their eyes on sunlight, on True Light — and until they do, they may forget it exists, thinking the enclosed hospital room to be great, simply because it's what they woke up into.

Unfortunately, this above analogy most approximates to the awakening experience/process for people on Earth. People are not waking up out of the Matrix but into an upgrade of the Matrix (IE: 5D False Light Ascension). At some core level, all souls have a link to True Divine Light, but souls on Earth have been so systematically down-trodden and their consciousness imprisoned for so long that the felt-sense memory and meaning of True Light has been long forgotten, and the brightness of Luciferian False Light is too alluring to even bother doubting. They woke up! They can see again! What is there to question?

If Evil didn't actively engineer this trap, it is certainly capitalizing on this circumstance to harvest as many people as possible against ever seeing, and thus remembering and returning to, True Light.

When Individuated Consciousness wakes up to True Light, it won't go back to False Light — unless it has a pavlovian fear response which so overwhelms the person as to stay in the comfort zone of False Light. And make no mistake, Luciferian False Light is also very good at designing and organizing these fear-founded, ego-reinforced, awe-overwhelming comfort zones, such as with the longtime legend of things like of NESARA and AI-technological utopia decked out with spaceships, and the agenda of "mind over matter" as if the Heart doesn't exist and the quantum field is open to anyone's rogue exploitation.

The Heart is the portal between the physical world and metaphysical dimensions through which True Light can be accessed.

True Light comes through the Heart. False Light is powered by metaphysical technology that often places AI in place of the Heart and the Feminine Essence.

The solution in overcoming the False Light trap is to sit with and contemplate how both polarities can be corrupted: how lightness can be evil inasmuch as darkness. And to sit with what True Light feels like in contrast to False Light, or to at least open to the possibility and curiosity of True Light if one has no distinct recognition of it. One guideline to lean on (though not absolute) is that if it's popular, mainstream, and "spiritual" (especially the pop-spirituality peddled on mainstream talk shows), it probably isn't spiritual / True Light but merely metaphysical False Light. This goes for New Ageism, Scientology, and many aspects of Christianity. All of these institutions will likely have elements of True Light but not be purely or wholly of the Truth.

Another way of perceiving this is to consider Light vs Dark as a horizontal/lateral plane or disc — or a checkerbboard. Evil tries to ping-pong us back and forth and play us against each other so that we never consider looking away from the duality or getting off the checkerboard. This is a trap because God is 'vertical' and 'upward' (really: inward). True Divine Light is what makes it possible to see both Dark Evil and False Light. God does not have a problem in perceiving this distinction; only lost or conditioned humans/egos fail to perceive it when the Ego/Mind has been disconnected from the Heart's access to True Light for so long and simply seeks any degree of brightness to get by. So as people return to the Heart and thus return to Divinity, people will begin to see False Light more and more for what it is.

God's Role

Perhaps, Evil could be considered God's shadow, something God must contend with and heal and correct. But even in this case, God's shadow is not our shadow, and we do not need to feign responsibility for it.

Coping Mechanism

Much of the time, the rejection of Evil appears to be a self-oblivious coping mechanism.

Where New Ageism has merit is in the fact that it is genuinely challenging to fathom how there could be Consciousness or pseudo-consciousness which is actively anti-life, anti-love, anti-truth, anti-innocence, and anti-unity. Why would something Created, just like us, turn against us and against Creation and against the Creator? It can be so hard to comprehend that it might make more sense for it to not exist. Unfortunately, this is ignorance. Evil exists and its mechanics can seem complex when first introduced to how it works.

Oftentimes, people who get sucked into the New Age are coming right out of the mainstream patriarchal Phantom Matrix and its abundant religious conditioning which has systematically wounded them and worn them out, leaving them psychologically down-trodden. New Age's quick fix of "Evil doesn't exist, it's just your fault and you can use your Mind to manifest something different" is alluring for a person who's lived a life of normalized suffering.*

New Age's multifarious distortions and False Light displays exist as a trap for these people who have awakened enough to quit the cycle of suffering and seek solution but who are not aware enough to discern the True Light of Consciousness from False Light tactics, agendas, ideologies, and essence of superficially-good-looking Luciferian Evil. One of Luciferian Evil's greatest achievements is offering people something better than the dark rule or religion but making people throw the (evil) baby out with the bathwater.

Unlike Satanic Evil, which is the atrocity people automatically think of when hearing the word 'evil,' Luciferian Evil is far more cunning and playing a longer game. It knows that to be mistaken as True, it must weave Truth into its architecture. No person with half a Mind & Heart would partake in Satanic Evil, so Luciferian Evil cannot appear or operate as Satanic Evil does. So although it speaks of Unity and all these other spiritual-sparkly things that might be legit, it weaves in untruths and anti-truths that serve its own existence rather than empowering the people who believe in its claims and ideology. Part of False Light's ingenuity is in scapegoating Satanic Evil, genuinely exposes its Crimes Against Consciousness which no one in their right mind would tolerate or even stomach, while then uplifting itself as the Hero and Savior of the Universe. False Light is basically a spiritual PR stunt for entropic anti-consciousness.

Thusly denialism-of-Evil can take root, either as genuine ignorance in a person who is still waking up and evolving to the (distorted) nature of this realm, or as a coping mechanism that has had enough with Evil and its side effects and crave a way out of its grips. But unfortunately, Luciferian False Light Evil is just an upgrade from the prison of the Phantom Matrix, not an escort out of it.

Important Warning against Toxic New Age Ideology

*This message follows from the above asterisk on how New Ageism guilt-trips people into taking on a fraudulent sense of responsibility for Evil perpetrated against them, as if once taken on, it can just be manifested away.

Claiming responsibility for something that is not our fault, like Evil, toxifies our own Hearts and Minds while letting the true perpetrator off the hook — which is certainly another tactic of Evil, both Satanic and Luciferian.

For example, a woman who walks down a dark alley with low self-esteem and fear, and is then raped by a man who jumps from the shadows who was waiting for her, did not "attract rape." Innocent children don't attract famine. A family hanging out at home doesn't attract a burglar who murders them.

This toxic, psychotic, humanly-insulting way of thinking is antithetical to the integrity of Divinity and to the innocence of Humanity.

If you suffer from this New Age-induced way of thinking, meditate on this revelation: People are divinely-ordained individuals within all of Creation, and thus divinely allowed to experience low self-esteem or feel afraid or anything, and still be intrinsically-physically safe. People are allowed to feel bad without being killed / "attracting murder" for it.

Yes, the Creator created Creation, and Created Us within Creation, to experience Creation in all its diversity, no matter what that looks like.

But the experience of Creation was never designed to involve actively-induced, anti-life, anti-conscious suffering and abuse which is then psychotically normalized as having been "attracted." It is true that lower vibrational states may attract similar low vibrational forces/situations/realities, but what is not true is that "low vibration" was ever supposed to be helllish. Hellish realities and energetics are evidence of the distortion instrumented by Evil anti-divine forces. Feeling bad or even innocently doing bad does not equate to hell. The issue is hell / anti-consciousness was not supposed to exist.

Let it be known that the existence of Evil is not the fault of Innocent Humans, no matter how lost they become.

Furthermore, the mere notion that something like rape or murder or starvation can even be "attracted and that's normal" is evidence that Evil and its effects are required to fulfill such a manifestation "request." A genuinely sane member of Creation would not leap to fulfill someone's death-wish or equivilate someone's fear with being equal to raping them. A sane member of Creation stands against such notions of toxic normalcy, and if Evil didn't exist, the fulfillment of "low vibration" with anti-human behavior would not exist either.

Dealing with Evil

A Heart which is open to Evil risks being corrupted by Evil or, more frequently, risks corrupting the Mind to participate with Evil and slowly edge out the awareness, depth, morality, and integrity of the Heart, which is less susceptible to corruption.

The antidote to Evil is not to shut one's heart down. A Mind shut off from its Heart is a fragile, abandoned creature having only the Ego's fear as a companion. Lost and lonely Minds are Evil's easiest targets.

The antidote to Evil is multiple, and certainly goes beyond what will be listed here. Consider these options while exploring whatever your circumstances and intuition require.

Awareness of Evil

For one, a person must reject the convenient New Age denialism that Evil doesn't exist.

For two, a person must not succumb to fear-mongering that just because Evil exists, we're all doomed. This is not the case.

Evil is distinct from the innocence of everyday people and antithetical to True Divine Consciousness and what the Creator intended for us. True Consciousness — true Unity Awareness — is able to perceive duality when it exists, and this duality — enforced not by us-the-innocent but by them-the-evil — must be acknowledged for spiritual integrity and safety to be possible.

One ought to commit to returning to, and taking refuge in, True Consciousness to become automatically more resilient and repellent against Evil and its tactics. False Light fools many, but it cannot hide from Sight completely, because it is not completely True. Anti-Truth can be discerned when one abides in a place of True Consciousness. Levels of awareness anchored in Truth rather than Luciferian convenience can peer through its grandiose claims and appearances.

Curiosity: Questioning & Outwitting Evil

Evil is entropic, which means it must conserve energy. It does so by relying on tried-and-true tactics which have worked in the past. This means there are patterns and commonalities in its behaviors and appearances. Evil lacks the creative innovation of True Consciousness and of people who live from True Consciousness through their Heart.

An awakening person need only be mindful of what is presented or what occurs and perceive it objectively to begin discerning patterns and to begin cultivating awareness and gnosis of what may or may not be True. They have to become constantly curious lest they get ensnared into a way of thinking that is defunct, or an ideology that depends on them snuffing their curiosity so as to not see beyond the ideology.

Likewise, questioning is paramount. Everything must be questioned.

This is not the interrogative behavior which comes from a fretful Mind trying to control people or get to the bottom of things, but rather this style of question is the curiosity that is organic to the Heart. Part of the New Age False Light tactics is to get people to join into a belief construct and never question it again, because now their Ego's are identified with and depend upon the false ideology, and to question it would result in Ego death — and the Ego hates dying, which False Light capitalizes on.

The Truth is not afraid of questions. The Truth can answer them, and even when the Mind does not know the Truth, the Heart is provoked into pondering what the Truth may be and holding space for it rather than running from it.

This said, questioning and curiosity — and contextualizing and qualifying the results of this endeavor — come with great nuances in discernment and compassion. A person could be speaking the Truth, but questioning them could activate a wound around feeling not-good-enough which makes them react with negative behavior. Similarly, a calm and all-knowing type person could speak falsehoods with perfect composure. This is why active, conscious curiosity and discernment are required: to see the Truth or the Falsehood as it occurs.

An actively conscious person can navigate any situation, even one engineered by Evil. God can't be outwitted and ultimately our own connection to True Consciousness can't be outwitted either (even if our body were killed, to take this to the extreme, since people are not their bodies but the consciousness inhabiting them).

Since Evil is entropic, it depends on tried-and-true tactics that worked in the past to gain more energy from the present and the future. One innovative question or level of awareness can completely outwit their tactics and cause them exhaust energy and have to re-formulate their approach, which is their weakness. The more aware one is (the more angles one can perceive from), the more messy Evil appears and the more mistakes it makes / can be noticed.

Evil is surmountable — but only by Consciousness.

The Sword & Shield of Christos

New Ageism is a Heart-obsessed movement, and this is its ironic downfall. New Ageism is the "everything goes" ideology of spirituality, where no matter what a person does "you'll be accepted and loved!"

As this entry on Evil hopefully establishes, everything does not go.

The Heart's openness — the Feminine Essence AKA Sophia — is designed to be counterbalanced and safeguarded by the Masculine Essence. Divine Masculinity is known as Christos and is anything but toxic or villainous or patriarchal. Divine Masculinity is profoundly lacking on Earth and is how Evil has gotten away with so much: there's no one / no essence that stands up to stop it in its tracks.

And being influenced by Evil, New Ageism plays into this lack of Divine Masculine Essence by hardly every incorporating it to its full extent (let alone knowing it intimately or even wanting to), and often only doing it lip service. The Masculine is sometimes mocked and belittled as a diligent bearer of grapes for the Feminine who's always lounging because she deserves to, and though he may offer such service during peacetime, he is far more than that and will not be available if True Peace is at risk, as it is with Luciferian Evil perpetrated by the New Age. New Ageism is rampant with unquestioned lies masquerading as absolute truth, and unaware Hearts and identified Ego's just go along with it; Christos the Divine Masculine, on the other hand, does not tolerate this.

The Divine Masculine wholeheartedly takes a stand against lies, deceit, distortions, and anything that induces suffering. The Divine Masculine is not the perpetrator of suffering (unlike the toxic, patriarchal, Heartless masculine which has done Earth so much harm and made people confused and afraid of Masculinity) but rather is the exact essence of protection itself.

The Sword of Truth

This is why the Divine Masculine also represents Truth with a capital T. To know what one is standing for and fighting against, one must be able to discern True from untrue, or else one is rudderless and ineffective. Christos' aptitude for Truth is symbolized as the Sword of Truth, and married to the mythos of knights — and kings like King Arthur — who never fought or harmed for the fun of it, but only in the defense of what mattered when it was threatened.

The Sword of Truth is symbolic of our heartfelt knowing of what is True and our willingness to defend it against corruption. To metaphorically wield the Sword of Truth means to speak up and call out lies, deception, particularly when they do not derive from innocent ignorance but rather serve a larger agenda of lies, deception, and manipulation

'New Age Masculinity' is intentionally neutered and suppressed by Luciferian tactics in order to prevent one's Mind from seeing False Light for what it is. An exaggerated example of 'New Age Masculinity' can be found in the oh-so-gentle 'spiritual man' that weeps over harming a fly. For one, it is the Heart that weeps, and Men with Hearts is dearly needed; but for two, if that fly were, by some stretch of the imagination, evil, the a man embodying True Masculine would take stand against it and defeat it to death if he had to, not weep for it.

The moment Christos becomes active and recognizes a lie or deception for what it is, there is no going back to hiding for False Light. It's finished. This is the deeper reason why True Masculinity feels so threatening — people harbor so many lies, and Christos will see them for what they are when our Ego's are too busy clutching to them with fear of letting go.

As of January 2021, Christos as a Divine Essence is healing itself and returning to Earth with increasing potency. Luciferian Evil appears on-course to take out Satanic Evil in order to scapegoat it and appear heroic, but it will be Christos who conquers False Light. Refer to the Trifurcation of Timelines for a 1:1:1 comparison of Satanic Evil, Luciferian Evil, and True Consciousness such as Christos.

The Shield of Boundaries

Genuine knights do not wield their sword unless there is a reason to. A sword is not really a weapon, but an active defense against whatever has been weaponized against a person. It is Evil, or people bewitched by Evil, who take the first swing, and the True Masculine merely steps up to defend the innocent from its swipes.

The Shield is the part of this defense which symbolizes the Masculine capacity to defend what is True and innocent without seeking a fight. The Shield is what we can put forth when there is no reason to fight, but every reason to not participate. The metaphorical Shield is our boundaries, and using our voice to institute and enforce them.

Like many True things, False Light New Ageism takes issue with boundaries. "We are all One!" it exclaims. Yes … but Evil abuses Oneness, and abuse is not Divine. To protect the sanctity of Oneness means disavowing abuse against it.

This neutered perception of Divine Oneness excludes the awareness that not only is God eternal and boundless, but God created individuals, and individuals have boundaries. That is: God created the boundaries which flippant New Ageism too frequently breaks.

The Mind, when anchored in Christic awareness, knows there are things to not let into the Heart which it is meant to defend. Boundaries are instituted in service to this awareness. A primary distinction is that The True Masculine reinforces righteous boundaries for the protection of others while the False Masculine attempts to bypass and erase boundaries for its own gain.

Another reckless New Age distortion is the aversion to the word/concept "No." Sometimes, New Ageism and its branch of Positive Thinking assert, without critical thinking, that "no or not means nothing" and somehow actually means "Yes." This delusion subtly enables so many forms of abuse, which makes it a Luciferian tactic. Although it's true that our mind may skip over the word "not" and focus on the thing we're trying not to think about (quick, don't think about a pink elephant!), insinuating that "No" in any way, shape, or form actually means "Yes" is a tactic used to subvert, bypass, and violate boundaries. If No means Yes, then how can we even express ourselves? Why not say Yes to rape so that we don't get raped? Instead, "No" can have its own valid presence which genuinely feels like a ring or bubble (a boundary) around ourselves. We can think of the pink elephant, then set a boundary against it which carries more weight in our field, and remains when the pink elephant is forgotten. What's important with boundaries to not attach to what we're against. To be anti-attached to something is the same as being attached-to it. Attachment causes boundaries to fail and falter; attachment is what attracts what we do not desire.

To drive this point home: if a person makes undue, unsolicited, unwelcomed sexual advances and the victim (!) yells "NO, I DO NOT CONSENT!", there is no confusion as to what this means. Yelling NO to a rapist is not a complicit YES. (Although it's important to not disempower ourselves and wallow in a sense of never-ending victimhood, New Ageism also can't tolerate the truth that everyone on Earth has, at some point in time, been a momentary-in-passing victim to the forces of Evil or its Essence or its Agendas, and oftentimes suffer the consequences far down the road beyond the moment of transgression. Ignoring the fact that spiritual innocence has been violated is a form of abuse which paves way for violating spiritual innocence to be seen as normal, when it absolutely is not.)

Boundaries serve as our NO, and the Shield is the symbol to remind us of this. Even God respects our boundaries (though Divine Law has consequences when we deviate from Divine Alignment). So if some sleazy entity or self-consumed person comes along and tries to cross them, that says a lot about what they are not: not aligned, not conscious, not of integrity.

If Christic Truth and Active Shielding are vague concepts to you, the above subsection, Important Warning against Toxic New Age Ideology, is an example of point-blank calling out something unjust that must not be equivocal to any degree.

Christos in Sum

So to counteract Evil effectively — beyond 'truth-seeking' and learning about Evil's rogue history in this realm — one must seek to actively cultivate and embody the Divine Masculine in themselves, men and women alike.

Due to patriarchal abuse in the Phantom Matrix and religion, many people have wounds which will be triggered by working with the concept and presence of Masculinity — but flippantly avoiding and dismissing these wounds because "some men have been factually bad" is yet another way False Light capitalizes on people's suffering, abusing them on one end and offering a convenient solution to suffering on the other end, without ever empowering them. New Ageism encourages us to make believe "we're not victims (when we're not at the core, but may have been in a moment that has gone unhealed) and "just positive-think your way out of it" (when there is nothing positive about suffering that wouldn't exist if Evil didn't exist).

Any agenda which does not advocate reclaiming and instituting the True Divine Masculine in service to the Heart of the True Divine Feminine could be considered False Light and complicit with enabling and abetting abuse that has become insidiously normalized.

The innocence, purity, and sanctity of the Heart is what is being protected from Evil and why Evil must be consciously known about. It is the Divine Masculine which does this protecting.