Genital Mutilation

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Genital mutilation is an atrocious violation of the divine sanctity of the Human Body.

As a Satanic practice, genital mutilation serves to force the person into sexual submission while feeding off their sexuality.

As a Luciferian practice, genital mutilation may serve as "punishment" to coerce the person into conformity. The goal here is not to feed off the person, but to make them fit in, and to "punish" them when they once failed to fit in. For example, the female genital mutilation scene in Handmaid's Tale serves to punish a woman and coerce her to conform; it is not to directly abuse her or feed off her, which the theocracy of Gilead deems itself "better than."

Only Evil violates the Body in this way. The attitude of genital mutilation, no matter how normalized or not, derives directly from Evil. (There may be instances where a medical circumstance genuinely calls for such a procedure. Nuanced anomalies such as this do not correlate to nor justify a generalized, normalized attitude.)

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Girls and women in impoverished or regressive areas of the world may suffer from the violation of Female Genital Mutilation. This practice is regularly decried and confronted by the world at large.

It has been discussed extensively in the mainstream and I encourage general research on this topic. My work will focus on Male Genital Mutilation.

Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)

Unlike Female Genital Mutilation, the genital mutilation of boys — including circumcision — is disturbingly normalized, accepted, and even expected.

The fact that this practice is perpetuated with little question or investigation proves how normalized the manipulation, abuse, and violation of Boys, Men, Malehood, and Masculinity remain in mainstream society.

Normalized Male Genital Mutilation is one facet of a larger attitude of dismissal and disregard for Masculine Sanctity. The disturbing, mind-numbing obliviousness and normalization of misandric abuse contributes to downstream phenomena[1] like American school shooters and Middle Eastern terrorists, which are to be expected as long as the Anti-Christos False Masculine remains in existence, as long as the Wounded Masculine remains ignored or mocked, and as long as the Christic Masculine remains obscured or unattainable. Consult Christos-Sophia the Trifurcation of Timelines to grasp how these various masculinities play out in society.

Whereas FGM serves to completely revoke sexual pleasure from a woman and coerce her into a complete sense of submission to the abuser, MGM serves to induce a sense of ownership at a psycho-spiritual level: "we have branded you into our realm. You may enjoy life if it conforms to our ways. Your pleasure belongs to us." There is an unconscious sense of the body having been violated and owned by someone it does not belong to in a state where the male infant was utterly vulnerable and defenseless. "Granting" a person "permission" to live, as long as it conforms certain physical, social, or ideological parameters, is Luciferianism 101. Consult the Luciferian Timeline in the Trifurcation of Timelines for greater context.

Notice how this barbaric, anti-human practice has moved from the realm of religion to "modern" hospitals. Evil is not prejudiced and wanders wherever it is welcomed.

The Western World's outcry against FGM while simultaneously perpetrating MGM evinces a level of normalized psychotic cognitive dissonance that derives from artificially and anti-spiritually splitting the masculine–feminine polarity of Christos-Sophia, along with suffering from both Satanic and Luciferian influences.

In proper Luciferian Evil fashion, infant male circumcision is allowed, encouraged, even mandated for its potential "health benefits." Luciferian Evil always considers itself to work in our favor, always considers its work superior to that of Divine Design (picture the self-hyped, eureka attitudes of the creators of Frankenstein or AI or robots, as if they've achieved what "God keeps from them": the ability to create life). MGM is one aspect of the Luciferian agenda to nudge men into heartless, robotic roles that blindly serve external authority instead of remaining true to Divinity. This physical abuse also serves Satanic energetics and can tie into the pedophilia agenda.

Fortunately, although physical violation (in terms of functionality, sensation, appearance, etc) will endure for the lifetime, residual psychological trauma / PTSD[2][3] can be resolved with subconscious/energetic-based healing methods such as regression therapy or quantum healing. To casually assume men do not / cannot experience suffering from the violation of their body in infancy (!) is misandry, and also evidence of oblivious, normalized narcissism. (Why wouldn't a person/boy/man suffer from psycho-physio-spiritual violation?) To overtly blanket-endorse this practice is a Crime Against Humanity and a Crime Against Consciousness. (An adult man may elect for circumcision for whatever reason; this is a different matter than the physical violation of infants.)

The mainstream, once-normalized, Luciferian-style abuse tactic of chemical castration imposed on Alan Turing is a blend of MGM, misandry, homophobia, and Christophobia.

The Reddit group Inactivists consists of people aware of MGM, if not suffering from MGM, and exposes MGM from various angles.


Generally-speaking, my writing and my work derives from direct experience, and my disclosure of topics such as Male Genital Mutilation or Misandry.

Although curiosity, questions, and confusion are normal, understandable, and acceptable, I will tolerate zeroattitude, assault, attack, or abuse on "touchy" topics such as this. I will tolerate zero gaslighting of my perspectives and the personal experiences whence they derive.

A primary part of my soul purpose is to defend the honor and sanctity of Masculine Male Innocence.