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Healing may seem nebulously psychological but at its core, “healing” is a return to Truth. All ailments and suffering stem from deviations from the Truth, from the True Nature of how consciousness and life are meant to function. After all, God does not get sick, and so God cannot ever need to be healed. God feels and feels for our suffering (as any heathy Heart can or would), but God is not “of our suffering” — rather, our suffering is evidence of not being Of God at a personal-collective level of Creation. To heal is to return ourselves to divine nature so that we may flow forth organically, rather than succumb to pain and suffering and cease to create or live.

Luciferian False Light is particularly insidious in the context of healing. Many New Age modalities are energetic band-aids at best, and energy-siphoning systems at worst.

For example, Reiki pulls from “universal life force” to try to heal people, but in fact this energy derives from a synthetic energy architecture malevolently engineered in the 5D realm. It is not designed to heal but to induce coping, to give people a sense of relief without actually resolving what caused them to feel unwell in the first place. Many New Age modalities are the 5D equivalent of allopathy and the pharmaceutical industry. Any modality that does not restore the template of and connection to True Consciousness does not heal. (Theoretically, the mechanics of Reiki can be unplugged from the false system and used to integrate with True Consciousness, but a person would have to be aware of the difference to some degree. A Reiki practitioner who does not understand or acknowledge the false architecture of Reiki is trained in and practicing with false, synthetic energy.)

Quantum Healing

“Quantum” healing based on quantum field manipulations rather than a return to and reintegration with the flow of organic divine nature is not “healing.”

New Age False Light Bandaids