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There is much to be said about the spirituality of homosexuality; and it seems I am destined to write about it to make up for overwhelming lack of information and awareness concerning it.

I am gay — but being spiritually inclined, do not identify as such. Homosexuality from a spiritual standpoint is simply a corporeal-mechanical expression of this body which my soul chose at some level. "I" cannot be gay for All That I Am is far beyond a single identity, identification, or existence. It is our bodies which have sexual orientation. Technically, a person is not gay; rather, their body is gay.

Just as Humans are spiritual beings having a human experience, being a gay person is nothing more than a spiritual being having a gay experience. One is not gay in every lifetime. Therefore, being gay in this lifetime would come with a specific purpose.

Like all sexuality, homosexuality serves Divinity — though it remains easily ensnared by mainstream, toxic, inverted, corrosive Matrix influences.

It is important to note that the social label of being “gay” has a spiritual purpose that has been hidden or bastardized. The distortion to disrupt that lifestyle has been enormous in the draconian mind control through organized religion. Many souls choose to be “gay” to learn to unify inner energetic polarities that were not completed in the previous life cycles. Some have come to reverse the frequency fence by holding the reverse polarity in their body as an override to the 555 grid. Some come to establish new neurological templating for the human mental body. Some Starseed souls are totally androgynous on their planet and have come to Earth to learn what gender is. Although there are organic principles of creation that have male and female energetic principles, those principles do not manifest neat and clean with a pretty bow on top. There is no easy and absolute answer to the myriad of purpose that this has manifested on the earth. However in learning to have loving compassion for all of life, this is certainly another area that humanity could learn a lot to learn empathy through. – Ascension Glossary

Purpose of Sex

The purpose of sex and sexuality is not procreation, but reunification with God.

Creation is a secondary byproduct — and in the case of homosexuality, clearly not the point. Anyway, terrestrial / third-dimensional / human procreation is a weak 3D rendering of what true multidimensional pro-creation is — True Procreation can create whole universes, whereas humans can only create children. This is because the Human species was bred as a slave race and lost its True Creative abilities.

Soul Perspective

Souls don't have intercourse.

Homophobia and judgement against "deviant" human sexuality stems from a fundamentally materialistic and ignorant perspective of the grand scheme of Creation. Homophobia is a bottom-up view that ignores the "up" part of the perspective, where souls are androgynous, freely-expressing, and always in divine union and alignment. Taking issue with homosexuality at the human level typically derives from a person's wounded perspective of what homosexuality "means" to them.

I call this Frequency Fusion, where one frequency/idea is fused with another frequency/idea at the subconscious level, typically to the detriment of all. Frequency Fusions can be represented as an unconscious equation playing out in the person. For homophobic people, homosexuality = lack of love or homosexuality = evil or homosexuality = atheistic or homosexuality = my son won't be happy, etc. Clearly, none of these unconscious equations represent what homosexuality is, which is a simple mechanical sexual orientation of the body that likely steps from a higher soul purpose.

Religious Banishment

Religion is the hijacked, intentional, engineered inversion and distortion of relationship with the Divine which moves people away from God Essence instead of toward it, and gay people have been hit especially hard with this Evil Agenda. Gay people seeking God have been told God doesn't care for them, and naturally this pushes gay people away toward atheism, hedonism, and toxic, wayward, mainstream notions of "sexual freedom."

This is not God, this is Evil — by design. Evil hates all people who express themselves, their soul, and their creativity freely.

Sexual Persecution

Gay people, due to the additional spiritual challenge of honoring themselves / their bodies in a world that traditionally does not honor them at all, are squeezed out of mainstream/societal standards and toward authentic self-expression as the only way to tolerate their own existence. That is, if one is gay, it's overwhelmingly impossible to cope around by being "not gay."

Sexual energy is the Essence of God in physical form (another reason it is so severely hijacked, distorted, manipulated, and abused), and it is nearly impossible to suppress one's sexuality — whether heterosexual, homosexual, or otherwise — without catastrophic consequences toward oneself and one's well-being. God will not be silenced. Asexuality likely derives from a severe wound which has blocked one's inner flow of Creative Essence.

There are those who mistake homosexuality as merely a phase, confusion, or coping mechanism. This casual homophobia invariably ignores the reverse perspective: gay people who pretend to "be straight" just to fit into society, family, or belief systems are in fact exhibiting heterosexuality as a coping mechanism. That is: their heterosexuality is the false byproduct of wounding. Due to toxic societal peer pressuring, as a percentage of the population there are likely far more gay people with fake heterosexual coping mechanisms than straight people with fake homosexual coping mechanisms.

The Hatred of Evil

The simplest sign that homosexuality, when nurtured sincerely and sacredly, serves Divinity like all sexuality ought, is that homosexuality has been profoundly targeted by Evil of all kinds — just like anything else that's true and innocent. If homosexuality were evil, gay people would be evil themselves, not attacked by Evil Itself.

On the one hand, Satanic Evil exploits homosexuality for sexo-energetic harvesting, ritual black magic, and outright abuse and trauma.

At the surface level, this is why Liberalism obsessively embraces non-heterosexuality in all its hues while at the same time coercing non-heterosexual people into genuinely Godless, hedonistic, even depraved lifestyles, completely lacking respect for the spirituality and divinity of homosexuality. Any depravity perceived in homosexuality is not because it comes from Evil, but because those who pretended to represent God failed to acknowledge homosexuality's service to God and pushed gay people away, letting them slip into the hands of Evil's societal engineering.

On the other hand, Luciferian Evil is known for rejecting homosexuality outright, manifesting on the surface generally as Conservatism and Evangelism, but also generic heartless secularism. On the scientific-atheistic side, homosexuality doesn't serve evolution, so it's presumed a pointless, accidental deviation to be tolerated in an already morally-meaningless world. On the religious side, homosexuality doesn't fit into the rigid perspective of "how humans should be" and is vehemently persecuted, which is where gay people have been subjected to the most harm — regularly losing their families and support just because their parents fell for these ideologies.

The Luciferian dismissal or hatred of homosexuality derives from 1) diminishing people who express themselves freely, which mental-bound Luciferian ideology views as an uncontrollable threat, but also 2) the resentment of those* who engineered humans for breeding and labor, which homosexuality ironically (and perhaps spiritually-intentionally) bypasses. Being gay and unable to contribute to the population is an insult to their agenda, an "error" of their design.

*Those who engineered the fallen state of the Human species are regularly credited to be the Annunaki, which adds up, though I don't have a personal lock on this. The genetic modification of the Human Species is self-evident in other areas though, such as the body's inability to reproduce the extremely-important vitamin C due to a gene mutation that blocks the final step. Humans succumb to scurvy — and many other illnesses, diseases, and deformities — because of alien genetic modification.

Due to the peer pressure of society, homosexuality / gay people simply have an objective higher frequency of escape velocity from the Matrix (gay people are more likely to liberate themselves from societal conditioning while others remain enmeshed), enabling them to be more easily seen and attacked for non-conformity.


Homophobia is an ironic form of Christophobia. Where Christophobia is the hatred of Masculinity and its capacity to bear and defend the Truth, homophobia is the hatred of the truth of masculinity being capable of loving and nurturing itself in physical form. Homosexuality derives from a truth/nature of the corporeal human condition. To hate this truth is homophobic, yet primarily Christophobic.


Although curiosity, questions, and confusion are normal, understandable, and acceptable, I will tolerate zero attitude, attack, or abuse on "touchy" topics such as Homosexuality or Christophobia, including from the mainstream sociopolitical 'alphabet identity community' that will remain unnamed.

A primary part of my soul purpose is to defend the honor, integrity, and sanctity of Masculine Male Innocence. I will defend it against all enemies and violators, foreign and domestic.