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Human Design is a personality system, along the lines of MBTI or Ennegram, yet in an arena unto itself. Human Design is like Astrology on steroids.

Personality systems must be consulted with mindfulness. Personality systems are not to be used as identity complexes, but rather serve to clarify one's self-understanding. An external framework never constitutes "what a person is, period."

However, personality systems are great for offering external frameworks and reference points which a person can then reflect on in order to better understand how they function. Such contemplation may show that the system is on point, or it may be off, but this off-pointedness can still be an important reference point for self-understanding. It really isn't important whether the system is right or wrong. What's important is what the system inspires in the person in terms of understanding themselves and their potential.

The best personality systems illuminate why we've been the way we've been, then offers a way to maximize our strengths and improve our weaknesses.

False Light Flaws

Most things that born of the New Age are intrinsically corrupted when compared to Divine Spirituality, and Human Design is no different. Personally, Human Design remains functional, fascinating, and insightful, but I consult it in context.

We should trust Human Design when it says it is Human Design. Human Design is not Divine Design. I do not trust Human Design with Divinity, and its role in my spirituality is relative to being a human on Earth at this time. Human Design is adept at illuminating how our human condition works, especially within the Matrix. But Divine Heart, Truth, and Calling can and may override any aspect of one's Human Design.

Godlessness WIP

See False Light.

Tropical Astrology WIP



Defined centers broadest information into the world. A person can depend on their defined center for consistent energy. (Or they can shut down and reject a defined center, losing touch with its innate power.)

Open/Undefined centers take in information from the world in order to 'get wise' about their nature. Open centers are at risks for conditioning, assimilating the energy of another person's defined center.

Types WIP

Projector beings are functionally feminine-first beings. When living in a healthy manner (following strategy and authority, resting, self-contentedly waiting around, taking only the correct invitations), Projectors live from feminine mechanics rather than masculine mechanics, regardless of their sex. The Projector Aura is an antidote to the Generator mechanics which have been exploited by the Matrix.