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On the surface, misandry is the overt prejudice against or hatred of boys/men/guys, the male form, and the masculine essence.

Inside Job

However, unlike misogyny, systemic misandry is rarely overt.

From an external angle, men have historically been acknowledged, supported, and praised — even when unmerited. This is different from misogyny where women have been critiqued and dismissed, even when unmerited, and belittled and devalued, which is always unmerited, not to mention being used, rape, and abused. In general, misandry does not manifest in the same way.

This variation in expression is partially because misandry is so normalized and unseen, but largely is because misandry operates differently from misogyny in that it is internalized, rather than externalized like misogyny. Whereas misogyny can be witnessed with cat-calls, lewd comments, or the sexualization of girls and women, misandry goes unseen/ignored/normalized when it comes to, for example: genital mutilation; the dehumanized militarization of the masculine; peer pressure that pulls men out of seeking Truth, Divinity, or integrity; and enabling, endorsing, and encouraging anti-Christic attitudes like narcissism and success within the Matrix.

For example, granting men more money when they "conquer their competitors," with suspect practices or anti-human attitudes, is misandry: this is the hatred of the true essence of Masculinity and Malehood by encouraging anti-masculine behaviors. Misandry is not the overt hatred and abuse of men, but the systemic corrosion of men. This system encourages and perpetuates itself from within. Men are hating fellow men when they encourage these practices — and sadly, many fellow men play into these practices due to not knowing better, not having a reference point for true Christos masculinity, or for wanting to fit in with their fellow men who already live by these practices.

Whereas misogyny is visible in that it overtly discourages the true essence of women through outward abuse and behavior, misandry more often overtly encourages the false and inverted essence of men. There is a difference polarity in operation, one of amplifying instead of minimizing. Misandry is less "women hating men," and more men hating themselves by assimilating into a system designed against their true, ideal nature.

Patriarchy can be misogynistic, but at its core it is misandric. Patriarchy does not exist because it hates women, but because it hates the True Divine Masculine and has exploited it to serve a false system in order to keep men "in line" with larger agendas. Societal slave labor and self-reinforcing guards historically exploits men, not women.

Misogyny is sometimes simply collateral damage from Luciferian Evil and the Matrix. If the Matrix didn't exist and Christic Masculinity were acknowledged and encouraged, the misandric byproduct of misogyny would not develop. This is not to discount overt and intentional misogyny, but to contextualize that misogyny can't exist without False/Inverted Masculinity, and to acknowledge that the False/Inverted Feminine has not been innocent in her ways either and tends to despise men, and even Christos which stands for Truth and would not tolerate either misogyny or misandry.

Misandry remains far more normalized and mainstreamized than misogyny. Misogyny is regularly called out, while misandry is regularly mocked, dismissed, and even enabled — often by False Feminism. (As opposed to True Feminism, which heals the inner Sophia/Feminine while acknowledging the role of Masculinity, and the healing the Wounded Masculine needs to undergo.)

Misogyny seeks to overly suppress its "opponent." Misandry encourages its members to uptake their own misery.

Misogyny can be likened to unwarranted bullying. Misandry is an insider's club that reinforces itself.

The imbalance of these two human-hating attitudes derives in part from the divine integrity of Sophia returning to the collective conscious sooner than the restoration of Christos, beginning in the mid–late 20th Century. Women and the Heart have gotten a head start in healing, integration, and empowerment. Meanwhile, it seems that when Evil attacked this universe, it attacked the Christos Masculine first in order to attack the Sophianic Feminine. TBD.

In sum, whereas misogyny is often perpetrated externally (such as men attacking or abusing women), misandry is generally perpetrated internally (such as men abusing themselves by assimilating into a toxic, anti-human, anti–Christos-Sophianic attitude, community, or system, which cultivates consequences such as narcissism or misogyny).

Systemic misandry is an inside job. Men overwhelmingly volunteer themselves into their own militarization, narcissification, and dehumanization. This is not women hating men. This is men not realizing they've been tricked into hating themselves.

The Matrix of Misandry

The Matrix has both Satanic and Luciferian undercurrents.

However, systems, structures, and institutions derive from the Masculine Essence. And the Matrix's systems, structures, and institutions in specific derive from False Inverted Masculine Essence. Western Civilization is not of God, but of Evil. Mainstream society is, on the whole, spiritually invalid, dehumanizing, and dead-on-arrival.

The misogyny that stems from the Matrix has much to do with the ignorance and arrogance of the intentional corruption and exploitation of Men and Masculinity. If men were not corrupted in this way, they would on the whole be the natural defenders of Sophia, Femininity, Beauty, Women, and Children they were born to be. Much of misogyny could not exist without the downstream effect of primary misandry.

For the above reasons, supporting the Matrix is misandry, because supporting the Matrix has the downstream-by-design effect of exploiting men and qualities of the Masculine Essence, which inevitably disregards or abuses women as a consequence. There are many normalized attitudes, perspectives, and aspects of society which are toxic.

For example:

  • Deferring to authority figures without question. This is toxic in that it externalizes one's own Masculine/Christic capacity and will listen to others, even if the others are misguiding people. Again, people volunteer for this inversion rather than overtly imposing it on others. Men who listen to leaders without listening to the message of leaders are participating in a form of misandry when the leader has an inverted or distorted message yet is supported without question. This is misandry in the sense of False Masculinity encouraging itself in someone else.
    • Propagating the propaganda of societal and governmental institutions without question or investigation, in order to coerce other people into submission/conformity with the propaganda and to use as an excuse for mocking, belittling, or invaliding others' organic/sovereign positions and perspectives.
    • Considering the military to the be guardians of Humanity, when in fact that is usurping the role of God. The military has only occasional/circumstantial validity in enforcing power due to how God-forsaken people and societies are, at times giving rise to the need for a force such as the miltiary.
      • Making men feel special and like "heros" for going to war and committing Crimes Against Consciousness. Again, there may be circumstantial validity (EG it is valid to defend oneself from an attacker or to bring justice where its lack harms others), but the militarization of men is an MK-Ultra–like tactic that exploits the strength of Masculinity, generally dismisses Christic integrity, and can even psychologically split men into disavowing their hearts for narcissism.
      • The American Military in particular has been heavily exploited into perpetuating Crimes Against Consciousness across the world.
      • The general invalidity of the modern militarization of men is exemplified in the archetypal difference between the Knights of the Roundtable led by King Arthur, who fought only just causes and never started wars themselves; versus contemporary soldiers who are trained into submission-to-authority and are brainwashed to follow orders without questioning the [in]humanity of those orders. All humans are born with Divine Sovereignty and can make discernments and decisions for themselves. To diminish, usurp, or exploit this innate capacity in a male/masculine-specific manner is misandry.
  • Encouraging men to "work hard" even when it sidelines their natural/divine calling, or when they need to rest and care for themselves or others.
    • Lauding dead-end, meaningless, ultimately-needless jobs, as if the innate nature of being a man isn't worth anything without work, even if it's meaningless or self-demeaning work.
    • Thinking jobs in general are good. (If society returned to Divine Synarchy/Symmetry/Alignment, many aspects of society and economy wouldn't exist, because there'd be no inspiration to sustain them and no need for their futility or their inversions.)
  • Encouraging men to "be successful" and "make money" when it conflicts with their true purpose and dismisses their innate value.

Men vs the Matrix

The Matrix, at least as a societal construct, finds women / femininity to be a a treat or an inconvenience, either to be fed off sexually or coerced into submission to the False Masculine systems. Meanwhile, the Matrix is built off the back of misandry. Misogyny is visible because it is externalized, which has accelerated its deconstruction from within, by women putting a stop to it. Misandry is generally invisible because it is internalized: men think they way they're behaving or being treated is normal, when in fact it is only normalized, and this inner blindness keeps it perpetuating.

The Matrix hates men and True Masculinity. While the Matrix is clearly misogynistic and anti-Sophianic, what continually goes unacknowledged is that the Matrix is anti-masculine in the sense of being fundamentally Christophobic. For example, when either men or women fit into the system they are praised and promoted, but Christic Truth-Telling or Noble Being is regularly mocked, shamed, minimized, and punished the second it deviates from the Matrix's ordained propaganda.

Christic Masculinity supports the Feminine, protects children, and lives true to the Divine. But Christic Masculinity would not succumb to anti-living wages, psyche-breaking 40+ hour workweeks, anti-human militarization, and general anti-Heart dehumanization — except as a desperate, self-defeating coping mechanism to attempt to retain its divinity and its cause within an Evil-engineered system. This is self-defeating because submitting to these False Masculine, anti-human structures will invariably lead to the breakdown of the psyche, of well-being, and of integrity, devolving into suffering and even crime that defeats the goal of supporting and protecting the Feminine at all costs. The Matrix is designed to devolve men into labor slaves and successful narcissists who perpetuate the system from both the bottom or the top.

In the Matrix, men are not allowed to have their Heart, their Divine Innocence — or these days, even their boyhood or their masculinity. Satanic misandry has become mainstream and extreme in dismissing and discarding men unless they dull themselves down into a harmless, pseudo-feminine state. Yes, there is an overwhelm of Wounded "Toxic" Masculinity that needs healing, integration, and balancing — but this requires a return to Christic Masculinity, not an eradication or nullification of masculinity.

Feminism's Role

Feminism can be genuine or disingenuous. The word is not a guarantee of integrity, like with any word. The energy and attitude must be examined instead.

On the genuine side, Feminism which emphasizes healing the Sophianic Feminine, which has been unduly harmed by misogyny, is the essence of Feminism. Feminism heals the Feminine! This grants women a safe space to heal from the harm they didn't deserve and reclaim the innate power and integrity of their Feminine Essence, which has historically been suppressed, sidelined, and abused. This Feminism grants women the attention, encouragement, and resources that has been withheld from them, so that they can go into the world innately empowered.

On the other hand, 'Feminism' which bypasses restoring the Sophianic Feminine and channels its frustration and anger into opposing and hating men as a blanket attitude is not Feminism, it is misandry. (Just as misogyny comes from men who refuse to look inward and instead externalize their behavior onto women, justifying their behavior by refusing to turn inward.) "Feministic Misandry" is indicative not of hating instead of healing. The pain and suffering women experience is understandable, and justice requires addressing the external factors that are responsible and holding them accountable — but hatred is not accountability. This self-defeating flavor of Feminism occurs when one's own deeply unresolved suffering is left unaddressed. Instead of healing it, the suffering is mistakenly channeled into an agenda and externalized onto others. Movements based on the activistic charge of unresolved suffering undermine their own genuine position and mission.

In between those two extremes lies a cunningly false version of Feminism that tricks men and women alike.

When Feminism fails to heal the wounds of the Feminine, it fails to acknowledge the role of Masculinity, which means it fails to re-unite the two into the harmony that they were supposed to live in together. Without this harmony there cannot be the resolution of either misogyny or misandry. It is this inner uni-polarity which leads to all the problems of the world, and of relationships.

This sneaky Feminism, instead of helping women heal their Inner Feminine and cultivate a healthy Inner Masculine, can encourage women to develop an Artificial Masculine façade of strength, power, and drive in order to fit into and succeed at "a man's world." This is self-defeating on multiple accounts.

Foremost, this trickster Feminism betrays women by causing them to lose themselves in life-numbing careers, set their health and joy aside, and succumb to the burnout and exhaustion of 40-80+ hour weeks — just like men have suffered from while calling it "success." Instead of cultivating the innate power of the Feminine which history has opposed, this avenue forces the Feminine aside to over-amplify the Masculine potential. All this does is cause a woman to succumb to the same issues that men and masculinity are already suffering from. Imagine if Masculinism concerned itself with subjugating men to give up their careers and cook and clean. It's not that this is beneath Masculinity, or that careers are bigger than Femininity, but that playing into the "opposite side" in order to simply rebel against oppression is foolhardy, not freedom.

Which leads to the second issue: Feminism which does not see and heal the Feminine, cannot see and heal the Masculine. Feminism which encourages women to play into the same exact "man's world" that caused the problems which birthed Feminism, undermines itself. Worst of all, this non-productive Feminism plays into and contributes to the system of suffering that has been exploiting men and masculinity for centuries. A feminist who becomes successful in the same system that exploits men which leads to misogyny has not achieved anything, but has kept the system going in exploiting men and masculinity by contributing to its misandry herself. (This is different from a woman entering the system with intentions to change it from the inside out. Mindfulness is required to determine if one is playing into the problems and perpetuating them, or entering the arena of the problems to alter them from within.)

Without a position against the Matrix which exploits men and Masculinity in ways that later degenerate into misogyny, Feminism is incomplete. Just as a Masculinism movement which addresses the suffering of Masculinity but fails to take a position against the attitudes and systems which subjugate women would be severely incomplete.

To fully understand Masculine–Feminine issues, one must pull out from a polar/dualistic perspective of Men vs Women or Feminine vs Masculine. (And no, deeming Masculinity and Femininity, or Men and Women, identical to each other is not helpful either — Masculinity and Feminine stand as equals, but they are distinct and different.) This false, in-fighting dichotomy is an agenda of Evil. Splitting our innate essences to fight against each other distracts us. To take on the world — to take on Evil — Masculinity & Femininity must stand united. When they stand opposed, they focus on themselves and on each other, completely missing the puppeteer pulling the strings off to the side. In the end, either Feminism or Masculinism risk severely missing the point. The point is to heal the one in order to treat the other appropriately. But to obsess over the one, or artificially succeed at the other, is playing on a see-saw that goes nowhere.

There is an axiom that if two people are involved in an accident like a car crash, the person who is healthiest or most capable has the human duty to call for help for the other person who may be worse harmed or even unconscious. This axiom applies here. The Heart has awakened and healed before the Mind. Women have reclaimed their innate integrity and power far before men have. If Feminism wants to end misogyny, then it has a human duty in confronting misandric systems which remain unseen and unconscious, trapping Men and Masculinity into its own endless misery. Systems which corrode the Masculine and militarize or beat down Men need the help of True Feminism.

Examples of Misandry

Due to the corrosive normalization of misandry (whether it be toward men or masculinity or Christos), contemplating on examples can help deprogram a person from the prevalent blindness and illuminate the issues of this dynamic. These examples are not provided to instill guilt or judgement, only expansion of perception and comprehension. Many examples of misandry could be considered 'innocent,' stemming from a general lack of awareness of the world and its people (much as some misogyny is 'innocent ignorance,' not intentional malevolence). 'Misandry lite,' far more prevalent than outright male hatred, is simply the unworldly ignorance that men are more than the Matrix has made them out to be, that is: they have emotions, may be gay, might like beauty, etc.

  • Admonishments like "toughen up" or "be a man" — which generally means to shut down his heart, prioritize external goals or orders regardless their merit, and become narcissistic to win at any cost and disregard the "inconvenience" of Christic empathy.
  • Male Genital Mutilation being considered normal, accepted, or expected, and even casually justified by the Medical Industrial Complex.
  • Assuming a man to be gay, effeminate, un-masculine, or 'not-straight-like' just because he values clothing, interior design, or beauty of any variety that happens to not exclusively be the female body.
  • Assuming a man is straight because he's a man.
  • Viewing a man differently when he is gay or when it becomes known he's gay.
    • Assuming a man cares about "gay things" like cross-dressing, clothing, or makeup just because he's gay, as if sexuality correlates to social behavior or cultural interests, or as if a gay man's masculinity is fundamentally different from a straight man's.
  • Treating men as if they don't have hearts, emotions, or souls.
    • Beating men down for failing to express emotions as openly or adeptly as women.
    • Mocking men for being childish in their emotions, when keeping men in an infantile, conforming, non-Christic form of masculinity is an exact intention of the Matrix and of Evil.
    • Treating men as if all they're designed to do is work and make money (that is, sacrifice their divinity and assimilate into the narcissistic Luciferian architecture of society / the Matrix).
  • Perceiving women as the "fairer" or "more beautiful" sex at the expense of men. (There is a certain wholesomeness in acknowledging Sophianic beauty in contrast to Christic integrity/beauty, but Christos-Sophia go together. The misandric attitude is when "one is better than the other," as if the other is "lesser." rather than a "different equal.")
  • Assuming only women suffer, and treating men as if they're strong or noble when they may simply be disciplined in coping and self-gaslighting.
  • The Luciferian Timeline is misandry as a way of life. The Luciferian Ideology/Timeline is a good example of how misandry is something internalized rather than vehemently externalized like misogyny. People join themselves into Luciferian Misandry because of a sense of superiority, or of gaining something for themselves. More men volunteer themselves into self-abuse than perpetrate abuse on other men or even women. Any attitude, system, energy, or institution which enables and encourages masculine self-abuse is misandric.
  • Being astoundingly tone-deaf to the systemized, normalized, introjected suffering of the True Masculine and the Male Human Condition as perpetrated by Luciferian Evil and the Matrix, by asserting that misandry doesn't even exist or is hardly comparable to outwardly visible misogyny — such as with the "Asymmetry with misogyny" entry on the Wikipedia entry for Misandry.[1]


Generally-speaking, my writing and my work derives from direct experience, and my disclosure of the Matrix and Misandry is no different.

Although curiosity, questions, and confusion are normal, understandable, and acceptable, I will tolerate zero attitude, assault, attack, or abuse on "touchy" topics such as Misandry, Homophobia, or Christophobia. I will tolerate zero gaslighting of my perspectives and the personal experiences whence they derive.

A primary part of my soul purpose is to defend the honor and sanctity of Masculine Male Innocence.