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The primary flaw of all New Age content is that it is Godless.

New Age teachings replace God with an impotent Source whose only role is to be infinite while serving the Spiritual Ego on a silver platter through the Quantum Field.

Godlessness derives from Luciferian Evil which seeks to usurp the Nature of Creation and replace aspects of it with its own 'man-made' creations, thinking them superior to what Nature can offer.

Godlessness also factors in heavily with New Age Narcissism. New Ageism has its foundation in replacing God with the individual Ego.

Divine Spirituality (see Christos-Sophia) eradicates New Age Narcissism, because Divine Spirituality heals the Masculine Essence of its inversions and reunites it with the Feminine Essence.

The True Masculine does not mistake fanciful New Age content as having anything to do with God the Creator. The True Masculine serves the Heart within himself, in knowing that the Heart is connected directly to God. The True Masculine does not get lost severing external content, systems, or gurus — that is the realm of the Fallen Masculine.


Self-Accusation is the distortion of Self-Responsibility.

Self-Accusation is where we accuse ourselves for things done to us that we did not invite, solicit, or permit. For example, a New Age attitude is that "we attract our suffering." It's true that we can magnetically mold our Personal Reality, but a negative emotion or experience is not an invitation for abuse or violation.

For example, it is general common sense that a woman who is raped did not invite that abuse through "being in the wrong place" or "wearing exposing clothing" or "having low self-esteem." The woman was just existing. Meanwhile, Evil of some form is responsible: that could be a true psychopath born without a heart, or a man lost to the degeneration of (ultimately Evil-induced) trauma and suffering who violated the woman. The senseless existential suffering of the Human Condition can be traced back to Evil.

Humans are not responsible for the harm done upon them. In the noble pursuit of Self-Responsibility, one must beware the New Age trap of Self-Accusation and not take on responsibility for behavior, energies, or circumstances which may have been imposed upon a person in violation of their sovereignty and free will.

Contrast with Innocence.

Compare with the Matrix.

See False Light, Evil, Trifurcation of Timelines.