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Nobility has become my personal word for 'spirituality.' My pursuit of spirituality has always felt like a personal, internal return to Divine Nobility.

I call this Spiritual Nobility.


When I first discovered and felt the essence of Christos-Sophia, it felt noble to me.

Christos-Sophia holds us to a noble way of being while accommodating our inevitable human missteps. Spiritual Nobility, like any true honor, valor, or courage, inspires me to seek the Truth and cull the lies, deceptions, and misdirections; it inspires me to constantly refine and perfect my own spiritual practice and discipline.

Of course, setting such a bar causes me to fall from it everyday. Nobility, or perfection, is not to “be perfect,” but to perfectly Be, with all the fumbles, gaffes, and mistakes that come with Being a human.

Holding myself to this standard is the primary reason I’ve delayed the creation and publication of my work/writing, as my personal ascension process had been intense from 2017–2020, and then I was committed to resolving my remaining health issues, for they regularly caused insomnia and glutamate excess which impaired and interfered with the ability to convey my message clearly.

The Noble Mystic

One day out of the blue, I heard the term The Noble Mystic to describe myself, as if it's my personal title. So I honor that with my third-dimensional branding. (The term describes me; I do not identify as it.) Noble Mystica derived from this term as well. (Pronounced NO-bull MIST-ick-uh, along the lines of "noble data." Indeed, True Nobility puts up with “no bull.”)

Without intending it, "noble" captures the True Christic Masculine Essence of my work (valor, discipline, clarity, structure, divine thinking, Truth-seeking), while "mystica" captures the True Sophianic Feminine Essence of my work (innocence, wisdom, gnosis, luxury, sensuality, experience).


If it needs said, this pursuit of Spiritual Nobility is in direct contrast to the mainstream, mediocre conception of "nobility" with all of its ill-earned wealth, arrogance, and corrupt behavior.


For those who wish to explore this flavor of spirituality further (if I'm not alone, please reach out and let me know!), I found a book that elicits it: A Personal Aristocracy: Cultivating the Power of Spiritual Nobility by True Blue Indigo.