Phantom Matrix

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The term 'phantom matrix' describes timelines that can be sustained only through outward, entropic, innerly-distorted behavior and belief.

For example, much of the Apocalypse Timelines[1] of the Bible are neither inherent to Divine Nature nor inevitable, but rather are the prophecy of an engineered attempt by Evil to usurp the natural freedom and evolution of consciousness by keeping it in submission to timelines that wouldn't exist if they weren't being engineered through inversion and manipulation. The Apocalypse is Evil's ordeal, not "what happens when humans sin." Without Evil, Humanity wouldn't have been submerged into a fallen state, and inorganic doomsday timelines wouldn't have come into existence.

The fact that Earth changes — tectonic shifts, earthquakes, floods, etc — have been less severe than prophesied, are evidence that the engineered timelines have been mitigated in pursuit of and return to Nature, Awakening, and Ascension.

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