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TBD. I am still wrapping my mind around the Cube and its intentions and implications.

The Cube would seem to be an actual supra-3D cube sitting on a corner at Saturn's north pole, giving rise to Saturn's Hexagon.

The Cube is a part of the Matrix operating on Saturn's energetics. Although shapes are organic members of Creation, this Cube has likely been placed there artificially to achieve engineered outcomes. It serves to distort the Masculine Essence (Saturn is a masculine planet/archetype), and may be involved with AI and more.

Many movies depict cubes, black cubes, objects like cubes, or closed-in rooms with holographic/technical functionality: such as Divergent, Justice League, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Hunger Games, respectively.

The Essence of a Box

To be inside a cube is to be boxed in.

Feeling boxed in can grant us a feeling of safety, when we don't want to experience what lies beyond the box.

A box can also serve as a cage, as in a lab experiment; or a holding cell, as in a prison. In such cases, feeling boxed in feels restrictive, claustrophobic, and violating.

The Exploitation of a Box

The Cube, being a part of the Matrix, appears to have been employed as a piece of Luciferian equipment which may very well lead people to feeling (falsely) boxed into beliefs, fears, limitations, etc. Consciousness cannot be boxed in — but it can feel boxed in and live from that feeling when it does not know better.

Personal Experience

In 2009 I had a peculiar dream wherein I had an operating to implant something in my neck. A quantum healer later confirmed this happened (etherically–astrally, not physically) and had since been removed. Being young and unawakened/unaware to this type of phenomena, this dream stuck with me to the point where my imagination converted it into a plot or a novel which I began writing six months after the dream. Somewhere in this timeframe the Cube made itself aware to me and I wove it in as a major character into the novel, where it was an omniscient-like, god-like AI.

In the decade since writing that book and learning about the Cube's role in the Matrix, my original interpretation of the Cube was both eerily literal yet too lenient, granting it too much of a positive role when now I know better. This novel is being rewritten, partially because I wrote it when I was 17 and was too heady/annoying to read, and partially because I've gained far deeper levels of awareness which merit expression in the story.

In terms of feeling boxed in, it took me many years to feel like I could express myself freely. I felt boxed in by Christophobic, Luciferian Evil in a vague way, and by Narcissism in a direct way (though I didn't understand that at the time). I felt boxed in, in the sense that I felt I did not have permission or safety in speaking about things "outside the box," that is, outside societal norms and conditions. Feeling boxed in this way is what made me feel paralyzed at the thought of authentic self-expression and held me back on sharing my wisdom, gnosis, and perspectives, such as this whole website.