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Contrary to mainstream maxims, Evil does exist.

Evil could be described, at its simplest, as anti-consciousness compared to True Consciousness. True Consciousness is not simply the absence of Evil, but rather Evil is the distortion of True Consciousness. True Consciousness exists without Evil. Evil cannot exist without distorting True Consciousness in order to survive.

Broadly speaking, there are two distinct forms of Evil. Evil is generally built upon a forced duality. This duality is founded upon the artificial splitting of the Masculine Essence and the Feminine Essence, known spiritually as Christos-Sophia.

There is Dark Evil which is traditionally known by the world "Evil," but there is also Light Evil which goes more easily unnoticed, for it stealthily blends into, corrupts, and co-opts elements of True Consciousness, and thrives off one's inability to perceive it.

Dark Evil is also known as Satanic Evil. Light Evil is also known as Luciferian Evil or False Light.

Satanic Evil and Luciferian Evil are two distinct breeds of anti-consciousness with separate, often-opposing, nonetheless-flawed traits, ideologies, and manifestations.

However, in real life they often overlap; because generally a person / thing / narrative / concept is not all-feminine or all-masculine, thus not all one-or-the other Evil/distorted/manipulated.

Checkerboard Black & White thinking is the domain of Evil and its attempts to split and hijack (divide and conquer) Consciousness. Real life is far more gray/colorful and fluid than the false dichotomy Evil has imposed on us.

>>>>>>>>Evil is founded on the attempt to either destroy the Masculine & Feminine outright (Satanic) or to split the Masculine & Feminine from each other via rigid rules and regulations (Luciferian). True Consciousness seeks to reconcile and unite polarity into a sum-greater-than-the-parts. Evil seeks polarization in order to feed off the kinetic tension (AKA 'loosh') produced from the friction of Masculine vs Feminine. Any such inter-tension incites a degree of suffering.

If this is your first time consulting the Trifurcation of Timelines, please read the first two sections, How to Consult the Trifurcation of Timelines and Personal Discernment Responsibilities.

How to Consult the Trifurcation of Timelines

This massive table serves as an organized attempt at clarifying the sometimes-unrecognized distinctions between the two primary breeds of Evil (anti-consciousness) and True Consciousness.

Use this 1:1:1 comparison of tiers of consciousness to cultivate an understanding of what True Consciousness is, and to cultivate discernment between anti-conscious principles which are fundamentally flawed in spite of the normalized tendency to identify with aspects of them.

In fact, you are encouraged to be highly self-aware while reading through the content. For example, if you feel super identified-with one column or super resistant-to another column, consider that a sign to contemplate where you may be excessively identified with/against a polarity/ideology/concept, and how it may be a ripe opportunity to look inward concerning that polarity. (To the best of my abilities as a human this content is neutrally informative and never intentionally distorted in itself; IE: reactivity to the content is personal to the seeker rather than imposed by me.)


Satanic Evil is generally founded on inverted feminine principles, while Luciferian Evil (False Light) is generally founded on inverted masculine principles. The first two columns represent that dichotomy, while the third column represents True Consciousness, pure and free from either evil. The table can generally be read from left to right as: darkest un-consciousness, to light-er un-consciousness, to True Consciousness which transcends both dark and light, apart or combined.

Furthermore, reading the table from top to bottom, beginning with the first section and proceeding down the line of sections, is the best way to cultivate a systematic framework of how all the pieces fit together, as the sections are laid out in a sequence designed to build on top of one another. However, your intuition might have you jump around to specific spots that call you, which is encouraged.

Certain terminology is intentionally and systematically used through the table/Wiki, and is largely outlined in the first table, Foundational Terminology. However, if you find a word/concept perplexing, you can also try searching it on the webpage to see where else it might show up in the table in order to gain greater context. Or you can search the Wiki for a dedicated page.

Personal Discernment Responsibilities

This is a compilation of my own gnosis and knowledge cultivated over time. (See Disclaimer & Contact.)

As a sovereign spiritual being, you are responsible for your own capacity for discernment and you hereby acknowledge that I am unable to tell you "what to know" or "what not to know." You must utilize your own power to make sense of things for yourself without dependence on any information from anyone, especially considering how spiritually sensitive and socially polarizing some of this content is. External references are just guides for what you must decide within. Learn from what inspires you (or triggers you) and skip the rest.

The Wiki Noble Mystica aims to be accurate to the best of my abilities and will be updated as necessary based on personal gnosis and expansion.

Evil vs People

It is worth noting that few people ever suffer to the same severity as the Evil/ideology/agenda itself. Therefore people are generally distinct from the ideologies/agendas/ anti-conscious mechanics which seek to unduly influence them. This is important to stay on top of: a person subsumed by an Evil agenda is not innately evil in themselves. Awareness and discernment must be cultivated to distinguish between an anti-conscious agenda and a person which has been unduly influenced by that agenda. To mistake a person as evil when they've merely been harmed by Evil is to play into Evil's court and further divide-and-conquer Humanity against itself.

No Open Arms for Evil

Of important emphasis is that the above note on Evil vs People does not mean one is wise to casually and carefreely open their Heart to people who've been unduly influenced by these forces, as the Love & Light, New Age Agenda would demand of us.

The integrity, purity, and power of an open Heart, the Feminine Essence, must be respected, and reserved for people and their pain that are ready to reconcile and reunite with True Consciousness by surrendering the original causes of pain for the sake of Truth, which heals.

But when a person does not want to reconcile with True Consciousness and would rather perpetrate their undue influence against the innocent (that is, against those with an open Heart), this calls for the Sword & Shield of Truth — that is: to be called out or for boundaries to be enforced by the Masculine Essence, for the sake of personal safety and general integrity.

This does not mean we cut off people from assistance, especially when they ask for it (never impose unsolicited assistance), but rather it means we must defend the Truth's protection of Love and Innocence, considering whether the person genuinely seeks the healing that comes from Love & Truth or might merely, reactively attack Love & Truth by continuing to harbor the burden of their undue influences.

It is spiritually inappropriate to leave open the door of our Heart and Soul to the Evil which resides in others just because it operates through someone who's innocent and who has unwittingly partaken in inverted ideologies and energies. The influenced person must recognize and seek to reconcile corrupted influences themselves before outer assistance can be effective, before vulnerable open-Heartedness can be granted. No one has an obligation to open their Heart / Soul / Field / boundaries to someone unwilling to honor the integrity and sanctity inherent therein. Protecting our Heart does not mean shutting it down and becoming heady or narcissistic; it means keeping our Heart safe and open, but behind boundaries.

As a personal principle, I have compassion for and accommodate people who remain innocently unaware of metaphysical inversions and distortions and may wish to learn about them, but I do not permit people in my life who consciously, actively, awarely engage in distortions of any genre, least of all those who actively engage in and impose distortions upon others without self-awareness of what they're involved in.

Note on Socially Charged Terms

Terms like Communism, Nazism, Evil, Masculinity, Identity, and Gender are used neutrally and with respect to their objective definitions, regardless of social association, mis-association, contamination, or their liability to trigger unduly-influenced individuals.

Note against Law of Attraction / Positive Thinking Ideologies

Contrary to the agenda of the New Age Movement, talking about Evil is not "attracting Evil." Rather, it is "attracting understanding and Truth" by cultivating discernment and awareness of what is True and what is Not. Speaking out against lies does not cultivate more lies, but rather cultivate truth. Speaking out against Evil does not generate more Evil.

What Positive Thinking is trying to convey is to not get burdened by the discussion of Evil. Any triggers around the word/concept 'Evil' would point to inner wounds/fears/discomfort that need resolved and integrated — and that's okay. The Wiki Noble Mystica is designed to provoke the reader so that they may cultivate a more refined awareness and wellness in themselves. See Spiritual Nobility.

My discussion of Evil comes from a perfectly calm, pure, neutral, unharmed place. And obviously, I am not seeking to perpetrate or impose Evil/harm upon others by discussing it openly.

New Age tactics which obscure Truth because of its inconvenience will continue to be exposed throughout my work.

Purpose of the Table

Although massive, this Table of Consciousness is not exhaustive.

Use this 1:1:1 comparison of tiers of consciousness to cultivate an understanding of what True Consciousness is and to cultivate discernment between anti-conscious/inverted/reversal principles which are fundamentally flawed in spite of the normalized tendency to identify-with, condone, and perpetuate aspects of them.

Fundamentals & Abstract Details

The following subsections address fundamentals which are helpful/necessary in order to understand the larger picture painted in subsequent sections, and in order to understand the higher-up mechanics of how this content applies to life in general. (And to understand how I write/speak/think/see on these subjects.)

Foundational Terminology

Satanic Evil is generally founded on inverted feminine principles, while Luciferian Evil / False Light is generally founded on inverted masculine principles. The first two columns represent that in each subsequent section, while the third column represents True Consciousness which is pure and free from inversions/evils.

Entropy, entropic: Consciousness which cannot sustain itself without feeding off True Consciousness, and is thusly deemed 'anti-conscious'/Evil. Entropy is self-corrupting, leading to less and less quality/integrity while constantly recycling same unit of energy.

Satanic Anti-Consciousness is the darkest, heaviest, and densest distortion, and therefore the most entropic, requiring copious amounts of energy to sustain a severely diminishing return of investment. This energy often derives from trauma.

Entropy, entropic: Consciousness which cannot sustain itself without feeding off True Consciousness, and is thusly deemed 'anti-conscious'/Evil. Entropy is self-corrupting, leading to less and less from the same unit of energy.

Luciferian Anti-Consciousness is the least entropic distortion of True Consciousness, therefore it has a greater ability to endure entropy and lasts longer — notably, it may outlast the fall of Satanic Anti-Consciousness.

  • Syntropy, syntropic, eternal: The nature of True Eternal Divine Spiritual Consciousness, and of Heart energy.
    • Syntropy is self-correcting and can generate more-and-more from the same-or-less than which came before it, because it is pulling from an energy source beyond itself. This is how the Creator created Creation from nothingness.
    • Unlike entropy, syntropy does not succumb to chaos or loss of quality/integrity.
    • The Spirit within our Souls is fundamentally syntropic, as is God the Creator.
  • Evil is entropic, having lost or forsaken its connection to the Creator Essence, thereby unable to sustain itself without siphoning syntropic energy from others. This is why 'Evil' is evil rather than just 'darkness' or a shadow: life, or pseudo-life, that feeds off of creation (more specifically, off of the Created, IE: us) instead of sourcing directly from the Creator is entropic (IE: unlasting), parasitic, vampiric, and toxic. The reason the New Age Movement has been infiltrated with the notion that "Evil doesn't exist" and "all darkness needs to be let into our Hearts no matter what it is" is to grant Evil a clean swipe at our syntropic spiritual energy so it can sustain itself without resistance from us, but rather with our ignorant, volunteered complicity.
    • Satanic Evil steals energy through violation of Spiritual Sovereignty, while Luciferian Evil steals energy through voluntary complicity with its agendas and ideologies which people consciously agree to on some level. Luciferian Evil goes that route because spiritual energy which is given rather than stolen goes further.
False Feminine: Synthetic feminine essence/principles which presents itself as "The Feminine" but is actually fake/inverted, and generally utterly anti-feminine in that it feeds off of life instead of giving birth to it. This is the essence of Satanic Evil. False Masculine: Synthetic masculine essence/principles which presents itself as "The Masculine" but is actually anti-masculine — which is identical to anti-Christic / the Antichrist. This is the essence of Luciferian Evil.
    • Christos (Christic): The True Divine Masculine. This is what Jesus/Yeshua embodied/represented, along with other Grail Line figures like King Arthur. True Masculinity serves the Heart/Feminine, not because it is weak but because it is of prime importance, for the Heart acts as the gateway/portal between manifested meta/physical dimensions, and the formless Pure Divinity of True Consciousness. True Masculinity does not serve itself, its ego, or external agendas (which is what Luciferian False Masculinity does).
    • Sophia (Sophianic): The True Divine Feminine. Comparable to Gaia, the soul/monad of Earth; also present in Mary Magdalene whose memory and history has been intentionally perverted; also present in other Grail Line figures.
    • Christos & Sophia: Our 'Divine Brother & Sister.'
      • Jesus presented as a hands-off "lord to be worshiped" is a Luciferian hijac to make him (and his Christos) inaccessible to the masses by being "different from / better than" us, when in fact Jesus-as-man is identical to us and his embodiment of Christos is identical to our own potential and capacity when we pursue True Consciousness.
      • Christos–Sophia, Sacred Union, Divine Union, Hieros Gamos: the Union of the True Divine Christic Masculine + the True Divine Sophianic Feminine, both as Divine Essences unto themselves and as our own inner Masculine+Feminine principles which can be healed/married back into organic and healthy Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity.
Wounded Feminine: The True (Sophianic) Feminine which has not healed itself. Original/Organic Feminism arose in pursuit of healing the Wounded Feminine. (But has since largely been hijacked to distort and convert the Wounded Feminine into artificial masculine strength/power/leadership, instead of actually healing the Wounded Feminine). Wounded Masculine: The True (Christic) Masculine which has not healed itself. Organic Feminism got a head start in healing the Wounded Feminine, and Organic Masculinism is only just now picking up attention, but remains often ridiculed by the Toxic Feminine and Toxic Masculine alike. (See next row for the Toxic Essences.)
  • True Consciousness in any form of expression may briefly deviate from its perfection / nature in the general pursuit of life and experience, but stagnant, unconscious, festering psycho-spiritual wounds as we know them do not exist.
    • A 'wound' is a stagnant distortion of True Consciousness, and as such innately cannot exist / remain existent in the presence of True Consciousness. Healing is bringing wounds back into the nature of True Consciousness. Meanwhile, Evil feeds off the suffering/energy/loosh of our wounds, which is why so little attention is given to true healing in mainstream society.
  • Shadow: Another concept for wounds. A shadow is a forgotten/rejected/wounded aspect of our full-spectrum consciousness which has not been integrated. A shadow is not ‘Evil’ and Evil is not identical to the shadows of our psyche. Evil ≠ Shadow. Shadow ≠ Evil. This must be emphasized due to the New Age Movement's agenda to make believe Evil doesn't exist so that we invite it into our Hearts. See Mistaking Evil as Shadow.
    • If anything, Evil could be considered "God’s shadow," but Evil is not our shadow and must not be treated as such. Rather, it must be called out and rejected so that Divine Order can deal with it directly or indirectly.
      • For example, Divine Order can deal with Evil directly when a parasitic entity is extracted and sent off to be neutralized by the Divine, Gaia, or other Pure Consciousness.
      • Divine Order can also deal with Evil indirectly through the innate architecture of Creation. For example, Luciferian Evil, which thrives on our voluntary complicity, would simply be starved of energy by the law of entropy, a result exists as a byproduct of it skirting natural/syntropic alignment and trying to be its own god. Luciferian Evil would meet its own anti-syntropic demise, if only people stopped going along with it.
      • However as another example, Satanic Evil is not inclined to exhaust itself because it will fight tooth and nail, literally, to feed off the living. Satanic Evil is the prime example of why we need to consciously and actively stand up against Evil, not be wishy-washy toward its existence. Luciferian Evil also needs called out because of how cunning it is and how frequently it passes for True Light for those who remain unaware and undiscerning to False Light.
Toxic Femininity: When the Wounded Feminine, unaware of its suffering/inversions or unwilling/unable to acknowledge it, reacts from its suffering and projects its wounded/distorted perceptions onto others rather than looking inward and healing itself. Toxic Masculinity: When the Wounded Masculine, unaware of its suffering/inversions or unwilling/unable to acknowledge it, reacts from its suffering and projects its wounded/distorted perceptions onto others rather than looking inward and healing itself.

Contrary to the reactive Conservative mythos that 'Toxic Masculinity' doesn't exist, Toxic Masculinity is alive and [un]well. What is true is that the difference between Toxic Masculinity and True Masculinity can often not be discerned, and when Toxic Masculinity is called out one's ego mistakenly perceives it as calling out / vilifying the Masculine in general, which is not the case.

Toxicity does not exist in True Consciousness. One reason it can be helpful to use / tune into words/essences like Christos and Sophia is to develop a reference point for what the True Masculine and True Feminine feel like in a world that really doesn't know them or care about them. The reference point can help us compare our behavior to gain clarity on what parts of us may be wounded or inverted, and in need of healing.
Feminism / Women's Rights:
  • Originally an organic movement to liberate the Female/Feminine principle from False/Toxic Masculine oppression. Organic Feminism is in pursuit of knowing and integrating Sophia.
  • Nowadays, this movement has been frequently hijacked to literally turn it against the Feminine/Female principle and undermine her efforts. This could be called False/Toxic Feminism for it masquerades with an Artificial Masculine force within the female body while demeaning Men / the True Masculine, perpetuating the Wounded Masculine which Organic Feminism rose to counteract in the first place, and sometimes being so extreme as to seek to eradicate Men/Masculinity, which is basic Evil insanity.
  • Organic Feminism can still be championed as long as one is discerning. EG, just because a person is a woman does not mean this person represents the integrity of True Femininity or the genuine liberation of women. A female surface does not innately indicate purified/True Feminine Essence or intentions beneath the surface.
  • The Feminine Essence (Sophia) has gotten a head start in reclaiming and correcting the inversions and distortions committed against her, which is why Feminism has been around much longer than Masculinism, which has largely not taken hold.
  • Contextualize with Misogyny.
Masculinism / Masculism / Men's Rights:
  • 'Organic Masculinism' is only just burgeoning and not as large a movement as Organic Feminism. 'Organic Masculinism' would be in pursuit of Christos.
  • It is self-evident that 'False/Toxic Masculinism' has ruled the world for millennia and is out of line. This is not in dispute. Supporting Organic Masculinism is neither an endorsement of Toxic Masculinism nor a rebuke of Organic Feminism. Just as Toxic Femininity which seeks to eradicate Men/Masculinity is insane and anti-conscious, so is Toxic Masculinity which seeks to impose itself on Women/Femininity.
  • The Masculine Essence (Christos) has not healed to the same degree as the Feminine Essence at a collective level. Therefore, Masculinity remains impaired in general, and generally more impaired than Femininity at this time (as any self-aware woman might comment regarding the overall state of men). Feminine Essence, as with the Heart, heals faster than Masculine Essence, where the Mind or an external structure which needs repaired and can take 'time'.
  • The Mythopoetic Men's Movement speaks of 'deep masculinity' which can be likened to True Masculinity.[1]
  • True Masculinity is not adequately present on Earth as of writing (January 2021) but is swiftly returning.
  • Contextualize with Misandry and Christophobia.
The Dark Mother: The overarching, systematic ideology and metaphysical infrastructure of the False Feminine, built off the wounded inversion of the True Feminine, perpetrated by Toxic Femininity. The Dark Father, the False Father, the False King of Tyranny (FKOT): The overarching, systematic and metaphysical infrastructure of the False Masculine, built off the wounded inversion of the True Masculine, perpetuated by Toxic Masculinity. FKOT is still heavily prevalent/accepted/normalized in society in spite of Organic Feminism's attempts at exposure. See Misandry for the oft-voluntary normalization of anti-Masculine principles.
  • The Holy Mother & Holy Father: The absolute and inviolable essence-architecture of the Feminine & Masculine. The 'parents' to the Divine Children/Siblings of Christos & Sophia. Can also be conceptualized as the Divine King & Queen, the Divine Royalty, pure and distinct from distorted terrestrial royalty.
  • Also known together as The Godhead. Etymologically, 'Godhead' derives from 'Godhood'[2]. So this word helps us to conceptualize the True Eternal God as both an inviolable being at the head of all creation and also as an essence state that is beyond beings which have heads.
  • See God the Divine.
Matriarchy: A system or way of life/order built off either one-sided Feminine principles which excludes the Masculine presence, or off False/Toxic Feminine principles which fundamentally despise the Masculine.

A circle without a leader is an example of a 'neutral' / potentially healthy matriarchy.

Patriarchy: A system or way of life/order built off either one-sided Masculine principles which exclude the Feminine presence, or off False/Toxic Masculine principles which fundamentally despise the Feminine.

The military, for better or worse, is an example of a 'neutral patriarchy' where chain of command is followed formally for the sake of order and efficacy.

Meanwhile, corporations are often-toxic patriarchies where the CEO, in gaining exorbitant sums of money, is treated/perceived as superior to the underlings and chain-of-command is reinforced with power trips, shadow dynamics, and ego complexes.

A Chain of Command as a general concept is possibly the purest example of a neutral, non-toxic patriarchy.

  • Divine Order: The natural ‘system’ between all levels of Creator, Creation, and the Created, between which energy and life exists and flows in absolute harmony without interference. As if all the moving pieces, move together in spite of being able to move however.
  • The Mother and Father principles both have their place in True Consciousness and rarely is a system or way of life ruled only by one of them satisfying or effective. From the perspective of True Consciousness, either Matriarchy or Patriarchy may have their place within the larger context of existence, but never at the absolute exclusion to the other, or at least never to the exclusion of opposite polarity.
    • For example, the Masculine can open up within Matriarchy and the Feminine can gain discipline within a Patriarchy, but to erase either the Masculine or Feminine or their principles is anti-consciousness, IE: Evil.
  • Siloed matriarchies and patriarchies may have their occasional place but do not represent Divine Order alone, which has a syntropic order that transcend the two of them combined
Satanic Evil, Lunar Evil, and related influences corrupt women from within while exerting misandry outward toward Men / the Masculine. Luciferian Evil and related influences are known for outward misogyny against Women / the Feminine.

Misandry has a way of perpetuating its own misandry regardless of False Feminine behavior. Men regularly volunteer themselves into self-destructive energetics that appear normalized in society. Much misogyny derives simply from the self-abuse of men volunteering into their own misandry.

False Light (FL): Pseudo-spiritual "light" beings/ideologies/practices which appear good on the surface but do not correspond to True Divine Light beneath the surface. False Light is typically ignorant of the True Feminine and generally replaces the Heart/Divine with technology.
  • Falsehood does not exist in True Consciousness.
  • Although falsehood does not exist from a place of True Consciousness, there is an important disclaimer that increasingly needs stated and enforced due to practice of False Light metaphysical ursurpism: what belongs to me does not belong to you just because "we are all one" / what belongs to you does not belong to me just because "we are all one." This is to say: a person's gnosis/knowing/'codes' cannot be simply copied and parroted by another person just because "we are one." For one, this is spiritual plagiarism and lacks integrity. For two, this is ineffective: a person's expression derives from their inner knowing, and to copy/paste/regurgitate that expression without having that same inner knowing nullifies the expression at best, and at worst mis-guides those who hear the parroted expression because there's no accurate depth to guide them. (Really, this is just spiritual common sense. It's totally possible for your knowing to look/sound like someone else's knowing, but for it to not be "their" knowing because you know it in yourself, even if they also know it.)
There are dark entities, which those who align consciously to Satanic Evil may worship, such as Baal and Satan. There are also dark entities which people praise without recognizing their true nature, such as Yahweh who is not the True Living Creator God but an imposter/imposer. Thus the Bible refers to two 'Gods,' one this imposter, and the other the True Living God which is what the word 'God' is supposed to mean. See God the Divine.

TBD. I need to study this realm more.

"Universe / Source Spirit / the Quantum Field" / etc: Using these neutered terms willy-nilly risks divorcing oneself from True Consciousness, which people are inclined to do since the word/concept 'God' has been so highly distorted that contemporary people don't feel comfortable using it.

But to be spiritually technical, the word 'Universe' bluntly does not mean 'God' and 'Spirit' can frequently mean spirits/essences that are not God either. These neutered anti-God words are too often cop-outs from responsibility to the Divine. Luciferian-influenced New Agers prefer to be their own god as if there is no God.

Using neutered terms that stand in the place of the True Living God is also how False Light evades responsibility from True Consciousness (AKA God the Divine) while still exploiting God's Power and Creation, what False Light irreverently considers objective/inanimate fields of power that exist simply to serve the individual 'I' rather than as having a larger (Divine) Will of its own.

As an example, the Quantum field can be exploited and manifested-from without reverence/respect for or consultation to the Creator. This sums up False Light (and the New Age Movement and the Law of Attraction craze) in a nutshell.

This will be heavily expounded upon in following sections as it is possible the greatest spiritual fraud that False Light / New Ageism is committing.

  • God / the Creator / the Divine / the Eternal / the True Living God / Source Field Consciousness: These words are all ways of referring to the same thing.
    • What's more important than the word is ensuring that the word refers to the correct, syntropic, omniscient, and eternal essence of consciousness, rather than to some imposter False Light substitute or something even lesser than that, like a demon or AI.
    • For example, one person can say God and mean Yahweh; one person can say God and mean the Quantum Field or the vengeful False King of Tyranny or Lucifer, the Angel-that-isn't; and yet another person can say God and actually mean the All-Absolute God Creator that is neither the imposter Yahweh nor any of the false substitutes. The word does not matter while the referred-essence matters a great deal. Though, neutered words (Universe, Spirit) are often used in neutered/compromised perspectives which is why anti-God replacement words can often be a red flag.
  • The concept of 'Divinity' and all of the other pseudo-religious terminology like God, Holy, Sacredis only needed in order to distinguish from Evil/inversion. Without Evil, 'Divinity' is what we are and therefore we wouldn't need these antiquated words to self-reference our own nature. We only need these words to reference our True Naturesince our True Nature is so heavily attacked, distorted, and obfuscated.

Degree of Density + Timelines

Densest. Less dense. Ultimately denseless.
Utterly unsustainable entropy that requires more and more energetic consumption to yield constantly-decreasing gains. Still entropic, but more sustainable. Syntropic. Entropy is the byproduct of deviating from syntropy. Spiritual syntropy is eternally sustainable and expandable.
This siphoned energy is typically gained via manipulation, deception, and intentionally engineered trauma. This is the Evil that doesn't try to hide being evil, often outright violating Free Will or inciting traumas where the ensuing vulnerability acts as a portal to feed off the person. LAC is more sustainable because its consumption-siphoning is more on a voluntary basis. Complicity, whether conscious or tricked, grants access to a stronger potency of syntropic energy to feed off. LAC convinces people's wills and beliefs to participate/assimilate, or else LAC resorts to conversion to get its way. LAC essentially convinces people to hand over their Free Will. This is the Evil that wants to be perceived as grand and heroic, and often genuinely believes in its noble-seeming claims rather than knowing them to be anti-conscious. The Creator does not feed off of either Creation or the Created (us), and we the Created do not 'feed off' the Creator but rather are powered by the Creator.. Any being which feeds off the Living to survive is Evil.
The Satanic Timeline (possibly centralized to Earth or only to a few planets) is on a steep, crash-and-burn downhill descent to its own demise. The energetics appear to be fully closing out in the January–March 2021 timeframe. The Satanic Timeline is the timeline from the Bible which includes great cataclysm, especially earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and deluges. Although there has been geographic turbulence, the potential for cataclysm of that scale has come and gone. The Luciferian Timeline is a larger construct than the Satanic Timeline with far more momentum due to 1) encompassing whole swaths of the universe (if not the whole universe) and 2) being far less entropic and thus more sustainable, and thus more expandable and enduring. Generally, Dark and Light (SAC and LAC) has been wielded against Humanity like an evil ping-pong game. But it appears this time the Luciferian Timeline is amping up to overtake the Satanic Timeline once and for all as it extinguishes. It remains to be seen where the Luciferian Timeline does overtake and outlast the Satanic Timeline, or whether it fails this endeavor and fizzles out. There are indicators for the latter. The March–August 2021 timeframe feels like an important juncture which determines the fate of Luciferian Evil.
  • The Divine Timeline (‘New Earth’) is founded in principles of True Consciousness and therefore outstrips the fraudulent, co-opted power of either of the entropic Evil timelines.
    • Due to its syntropy, it can reach ‘spiritual escape velocity’ and extricate an individual from either false timeline. What this means is: it's possible for a person — for you — to live from the True Timeline at this very moment, in spite of residual anti-conscious timelines.
    • True Consciousness is our innate nature and birthright and can always be accessed and returned-to, if one pursues it over lesser options. Though not collectively manifested, True Consciousness is already available at an individual level.
'The Bifurcation of Timelines' is a popular concept among the spiritual community. However, I assert the concept of the 'Trifurcation of Timelines' due to the Luciferian attempt to override the Satanic Timeline while preventing us from reaching the True Timeline. The Satanic Timeline is dying, and the Luciferian Timeline would like to have its way in replacing it rather than in surrendering to True Consciousness.

Therefore, the notion of "only two timelines" may be severely mistaken, and in fact misleading people away from True Consciousness because False Light is stepping in and masquerading as that True Consciousness.

Naturally, the True Timeline would be the third timeline in the Trifurcation. This is the only valid timeline option for anyone who values their soul.

Note: Do not fall for fear tactics of "Oh no, am I on the right timeline?!" If you have any concern at all of "being on the right timeline," consider that a good sign, and your safety net of being on the right timeline as long as you are open to the falling away of False Consciousness and the return of True Consciousness. You don't need to understand any of this content or "be a good enlightened New Age spiritual person." You just need to value and seek the Heart and the Truth.

  • All considered, “timelines” may not even exist at the level of True Consciousness, for each soul-spirit being is sovereign unto itself and can live as it pleases in pursuit of its own inner divine mission.
  • At the level of True Consciousness, whether in-form or in-spirit, there may only be moment-by-moment inner guidance which is lived by, and thus no 'timeline' to participate with in the first place.
  • Timelines like the Satanic Timelien and Luciferian Timeline may only come into play only when a sovereign being diminishes itself into a Matrix or other collective and cooperates/co-creates a larger, yet lesser, construct with other un-sovereign or unaware beings. Perhaps, there are only collective timelines to participate in, EG a planet may have a collective timeline where a spirit-soul may not have any potentiated timeline to pursue, just momentary life to live.

The Many Matrices WIP

Elemental Essence WIP

Interfaces & Influences WIP

The following subsections address the mechanics, ideologies, and agendas which Evil utilizes to influence and interface with people. It's important to distinguish that Evil ≠ People. Evil is its own category of anti-life beings and behavior. People are influenced by, and thus victims of, Evil. This is not a disempowering endorsement of victimhood / being a victim in life. This is to understand how Evil affects and harms us, in order to then understand how to free ourselves from its influence and be sovereign spiritual beings aligned to True Consciousness.

Archetype (Distinctions) WIP

Metaphysical & Spiritual Conditions WIP

Sex & Gender WIP

Identification Complex WIP

Locus of Control WIP

Approaches to Life and Existence WIP

The following subsections address how Evil directly approaches various aspects of Creation and/or how Evil shows up in mainstream society and uses it as a weapon against Humanity.

Approach to People WIP

Approach to God the Divine WIP

Approach to Truth WIP

Approach to Religion WIP

Approach to Evil (Anti-Conscious Architecture) WIP

Approach to Economy WIP

Approach to Finances WIP

Psychological Profiles WIP

The following subsections highlight specifically how people are affected by Evil, and the inversions, distortions, and sufferings it can lead to.

Interconnectedness WIP

Code of Ethics (Moral Code) WIP

Servitude WIP

Mission WIP

Shadow Psyche WIP

Coping Mechanism WIP

Predatory Nature WIP

Prime Desperation WIP

Prime Weakness WIP

Prime Ignorance WIP

Prime Hatred WIP

Prime Dependence WIP

Distinct Examples WIP

Leaders WIP

Prior Civilizations/Periods WIP

Current-Reality Manifestations WIP

Narrative Connections

Socio-Narrative Essence

This section captures the gist / vibe / essence of each tier of consciousness through human narratives / media / movies / stories respective to that tier, as human narratives regularly capture the zeitgeist of their originating time and circumstances. That is, throughout time, stories depict the reality of Evil — and of overcoming it. (This section is not meant to be read from left to right and is not a 1:1:1 comparison.)

Consider these as broad-stroke pointers, not absolutes. An exception or overlap could likely be found for each point, and indeed most narratives have multiple internal layers and overlays, which grants them a sense of depth, intrigue, and captivance.

Use these pointers as a challenge to discern which tier of consciousness is at place in each character/plot/story/etc. For specific examples, see the next section.

  • Horror movies in general represent Satanic forces/behavior/fear PLUS induce adrenaline/fear rushes from the fright-fueled 'thrill' that comes with watching horror, which Satanic forces feed off metaphysically.
  • Anything involving sadistic entities, humanoid or otherwise, which intentionally attack and violate human/spiritual sovereignty.
  • Anything involving a sense of utopia built on known lies, mimicking a reality based on True Consciousness yet ignorant/irreverent of it.
  • Any depiction of dystopia, which is fundamentally anti-Divine / lacking the essence of True Consciousness.
  • Anything asserting military as the Saviors of Humanity.
  • Anything involving World-Saving Aliens (implying that God doesn't exist or doesn't have domain/command) or World-Killing Aliens [beings controlled by anti-consciousness AI or hive mind behavior).
  • Anything asserting technology or bionics as evolution/life-saving/personable.
  • Anything implying that the future requires technological/bureaucratic control and management, or involves a normalized dystopia or a managed utopia.
  • Anything that paints anti-consciousness in a positive, human-advancing light.
  • Anything involving artificially-engineered superpowers.
  • Anything that lets robots/AI deal with Humanity's problems of Satanic–Luciferian un-consciousness rather than enabling Humans to deal/heal with it themselves.
  • Anything that implies human creation/engineering/innovation/ingenuity replaces the [perceived] absence of God.
  • The historical trend of masculine protagonists. This is not negative/evil/anti-consciousness, except when the masculine is imposed and the feminine has no options of expression or authenticity, or is implied to have no autonomy of her own.
  • Any narrative which inspires an authentic sense of awe and wonder to the unseen grandeur of life and the cosmos.
  • Nearly any protagonist pursuing a genuine Hero's Journey.
    • The precise essence of the Hero's Journey is to awaken a person to the unconsciousness/fear/evil in themselves and their world + to strive to overcome it + to develop into fuller consciousness which transcends/nullifies the previously-unconscious.
    • HOWEVER, contrary to the Luciferian agenda (when it does acknowledge Evil as "Good and Evil"), Evil is NOT necessary for our organic Hero's Journey which would occur naturally from lesser-to-fuller consciousness even without the spiritual wounding of evil. Anti-consciousness is fundamentally not necessary to the genuine growth and evolution of consciousness. Any insinuation thereof is intentional Luciferian mis-guidance, to conflate anti-consciousness energetics with True Consciousness as if to justify the former by riding on the coattails of the latter.
  • Any integration and overcoming of fears/wounds. Especially when those fears/wounds were capitalized upon for someone else's gain, which is Satanic, like with the Hunger Games's Capitol building its sense of power off the brute-force diminishment of the Districts. Also when those fears/wounds were used as an "or else" to coerce the person to join along, which is basic Luciferian behavior). 'Innocent uncertainty' would also lead to integration and overcoming of fears/wounds in a character arc.
  • Any overcoming of Evil, especially when the Evil has become so normalized and commonplace as to be nearly invisible and unquestioned. Discerning atrocity but deeming it common/normal/what-can-you-do is Satanic is Satanic, like with the Horror Genre or the normal world essence of The Hunger Games; while being genuinely blind to Evil and believing it to be genuinely normal is Luciferian, like with The Giver.
  • True Divine Consciousness is 1) the pure, healed, unwounded Masculine/Feminine on their own + 2) the union of Masculine+Feminine + 3) a whole or whole-seeking being which knowingly or intuitively pursues True Consciousness at the expense of anti-consciousness.

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Disclaimer & Contact

Though the Wiki Noble Mystica — and this Table of Consciousness in general — is offered to the public at large, this is not a public wiki which accepts external input.

The Wiki Noble Mystica serves as my contribution to address the long-standing pet peeve of lack of clarity in the spiritual community around the differences between True Consciousness / God / the Divine / the Eternal / Source Field Consciousness, and the evil spawn which derive from the distortion of True Consciousness and which cannot, under any circumstances, be conflated with or mistaken as True Consciousness. There is an agenda in the New Age Movement to make believe that evil doesn't exist and Dark and Light are casual equals. In a universe without anti-conscious distortions and inversions, this dismissal might be appropriate, but not in this universe. Dark and Light may be an objective duality, but in this universe this duality has been hijacked by entities, energies, and ideologies which seek to undermine True Consciousness in order to survive and subsist off the kinetic energy of wounded/distorted consciousness — AKA: Evil. If you cannot bear to read about Evil or think it's too "low vibe," this is not the place for you.

Lastly, I am not the arbiter of Truth. I am, however, devoted to Truth, and the content on the Wiki Noble Mystica derives from either personal gnosis (spiritual experience and direct cognition) which I have cultivated over time, or through external content which, over time, has been integrated into my gnosis, to the best of my abilities. Sources are cited and credited where due. (Though some content may have been assimilated over time through research and so I may have lost sight of sources; in this case, feel free to send an email to credit a piece of information if you come across a source, especially if your perceive the info as yours in some way. Though I strive to be generic and neutral in information so that it applies to all and could birth from anyone's understanding.)

Feel free to send any sincere questions, curiosities, concerns, or possible corrections. Simply understand that content is only added once verified through my personal gnosis and perceptive abilities.

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